Who are the server admins?

Server Owners:
Tonya Morris aka ToRiMiLi
Christopher Morris aka Serverus

Server Admins:
Tonya Morris aka ToRiMiLi
Nancy Owen aka dancingn27
Sarah Penney aka Akumo
Jennifer Tame aka Elyntia
Jen Madsen Seelaus aka blackbird_cloud

How do I get whitelisted?

Please review the server rules and submit your IGN (in game name) through the form at the bottom of the server rules page. We normally fulfill all whitelist requests within 24 hours unless there is an issue with your request.

Note: We request your birth date to ensure that we know who our younger players are to better protect their online privacy. You will not be denied approval if you are under the age of 18, but we do require a parent be a member of our Facebook group so that we have a contact for you. Parents, please do not input your birthday in place of your child’s.

Who can join the Facebook group?

Anyone with a love for the game is allowed to join our group whether they love the PC, console, or mobile version (we play all of them).

Can you please whitelist my spouse and/or children?

Spouses: Absolutely! Just have them read the rules document and fill out the whitelist request form. If your spouse is also on Facebook, we would appreciate it if they also were fans of the community Facebook page & members of the group.
Children: We understand your child may not have a Facebook page; we ask that you be sure they understand the server rules. Check the Family Guidelines page for more information on family play. If the child is under the age of 12, we require that a parent also be whitelisted to the servers (more details on the Family Guidelines page).

Can I build anywhere?

Updated for AquaNu
The only land off-limits for personal builds is the area around spawn. The admins have sectioned this off to allow space for future community builds and projects. If you are found building within these areas, you will be asked to tear down your property and move regardless of how much or how big your build already is.

Admins will be building the roads at the zero coordinate in each direction. You may connect your home/property to a main road using whatever materials you wish. Please do not build anything within a 10 block radius of the zero coordinate otherwise you run the risk of having it pasted over when we place the road.

If you believe you have found the perfect spot for your home within the above guidelines, before building be sure that you check for nearby neighbors, and allow plenty of room for them to expand their properties. There is more than enough land in our Minecraft world for all of us, so if you can see a neighbor from where you want to build, it’s better to find a new spot. Once you have settled, you may submit a property claim through the website by clicking HERE. Once your land is fenced tag an admin in the Facebook group and we will then protect it with world guard. Land disputes do not happen often, but but they can easily be settled when clear parameters have been established with fences. We do ask that neighbors not build too close to each other, but what may be too close for one may not be for the other so it’s better for you to establish those boundaries.

How far out can I go?

While we do not have limitations on how far you can explore, we hope that we never have to. The larger the world the bigger the file and therefore requiring a more robust (and expensive) hosting plan. Currently we have no plans to upgrade our plan so if you would like things to continue to run smoothly with minimal lag, please be respectful and keep your exploring to a conservative distance. Also keep in mind that when updates are released that incorporate new blocks, biomes, etc, these can often only be found in newly loaded chunks which means you will need to travel that much further to find them.

Can I take from any chest?

No! There are Community Chests in the Command Tower available to take from. You may also use the garden and barn there. Everyone is always happy to help each other out, but remember to ask first before taking from another players chests, gardens, or builds.
Please remember that even the act of looking through another player’s chests can look suspicious & raise concerns. Only go through chests that you’ve been given permission to.

May I record gameplay on the server?

Yes, but for the privacy of the other players on the server, we request that you turn off the chat feature and refrain from using the tab button showing who is on at the time. We would also appreciate a shout out in the video or a link in the description to our fan page.

May I share my page, site, server, or youtube channel?

We do not allow sharing in our group without admin approval. The exceptions being any game play done on our server with a link back to us in the description. Any posts will automatically be removed and repeated offenders will be removed from the group.

How do I get a command block?

Updated for AquaNu
Command blocks may be requested HERE through the site. You will be allowed a set of command blocks to get back and forth from the Command Tower to your property. You are also allowed a set to and from your vault. If you do not wish to have a vault you forgo your additional set of command blocks. If you do not have your property worldguarded, or if you have an area where visitors are allowed to use chests we would advise that your command block be placed in that room rather than your home if it is a separate space.

Does this server have any mods/plug-ins installed?

We use administrative mods to help the server run smoother, but typically nothing that affects the main game play. As fans of the game, we believe in keeping the experience as vanilla as possible. However, we like to have some fun too so we occasionally implement the Command of the Week which can be anything from a practical command to something just for fun.

How do I get birthday gifts & a /backpack?

Updated for AquaNu:
Birthday gifts are currently being postponed. We will play catch up with everyone so don’t worry, you have not been forgotten.
Every player has access to a one row backpack free of charge. Additional rows are available through our patreon tiers. Please remember to keep one spot available in case an admin needs to give you something. If your backpack is full we will discard the least valuable item in there at the time to make room.

Birthday vouchers (books) are now good for one year, and you must have signed on to the server within the last 6 months in order to receive one. (The same is true for holiday vouchers).

I think someone has stolen from me; what should I do?

Please send an admin a private message, or use the complaints form. Sometimes these are misunderstandings and easily solved. Admins are listed under “Members” in the group, and on the “Rules” page of this site.

How do I keep people from stealing my things?

While we have been lucky to have very few instances of griefing or stealing on our servers, it is still a good idea to keep your valuables protected. Enderchests seem to be the best way of safe guarding treasures. Unfortunately, you are limited in space when using them, but since only you can see what you’ve placed in the these chests (regardless of whose enderchest you use), it does seem to be the most reliable form of security.

You may also dig an underground safe room refereed to as a “vault”, to store valuables. Vaults have no size restrictions, but must be dug underground on your own property and must be square or rectangle in shape (if you want odd shapes use decorative blocks to create the look you want after the vault has been lined by an admin). Once you have dug out your vault, tag an admin in the group or if one is available in-game to come line it with bedrock for you. We will also place a player-specific command block in your home so that only you will be able to enter your safe room. Family setups are available if you share your vault with family members. For more details & information on vaults, click here.

The best way to protect your property is with our worldguard feature. There is no limit in size, but you must have your land fenced off. Fencing may be any material, but must be consistent (you can’t have pieces of cobble fence, wood fence, various blocks, etc for the same fence). Your property does not need to be an exact square shape, but because each point requires a marking, any zig-zagged fence patterns will be regarded as straight line. Your property will be identified with a greeting when people enter and a farewell message so they know they have left. No one will be permitted to build, break, or open chests on your protected property, but they will have access to buttons, pressure plates, doors, and gates. If you would like to allow others to build or use chests in a specific area simply section off that area for the admins to identify. If you would like to allow players to drop off items at your home without giving them any additional permissions, we have discovered the hoppers are your best option.

Backpacks are a keep inventory safe space which is an invaluable resource when playing on a hard mode survival server.

Is the server down? Why can I not log on?

The first step, is to check the Minecraft Services status HERE to see if everything is online.

Our server address for AquaNu is aq.smaws.me. if you are not able to long on using the address try the IP:

Nunu is now offline

What do I do if the server has crashed?

1. Don’t Panic (and always have a towel)
2. Post on the Minecraft Group (not the main fan page please) and be sure to tag an admin

After 15 minutes of no response on the group, send one of the admins a private message or email to admin@someawesome.com.

Are you flying?

Yes, that was most likely one of the admins. Some of the server responsibilities often require we be in creative mode, so if you see us flying, that is why. Players do not have flight ability. The best options for fast transport are horses, boats, or the Elytra.

Can I be an admin?

Admins are carefully selected from the player pool based on need, join date, time spent on the server, contributions to the community, and general disposition. There is no application process for adminship.

Can you put me in Creative for a little while?

Players will only be placed in creative mode when helping with an admin build or project. You may volunteer to help with the build, but it is up to the admin whether or not creative is warranted.

What game rules, if any, are in place?

AquaNu (hard mode)
Keep Inventory – FALSE: you will drop your inventory and XP should you die
Mob Griefing – TRUE: Zombies will break down doors, creepers will blow up your builds, and Endermen will steal your blocks (Fill in those creeper holes!)
Fire Spread – TRUE: Be careful with flint and steal and LAVA near wooden builds and trees. Also, should lightning strike your wooden house, it could burn down.

How do I locate my screenshot folder?

If you are using Windows XP or higher, you can find the directory in which the screenshots are saved under by opening the “run” application and entering “%appdata%”. Then select the folder “.minecraft” and then the folder titled “screenshots.” If you access the screenshots a lot, then you might want to create a shortcut.

If you are using a Mac, go to your user folder, then go to “Library”. Select the “Application Support” folder, then select the “minecraft” folder, followed by the “screenshots” folder.

For any OS, you can open Minecraft, go to Options, then Resource Packs. In the Resource Packs menu, select “Open resource pack folder”. This will bring up a folder window where you can go up/back in the folder path to your “minecraft” folder that also holds your screenshots, saves (single player worlds), and mods folders.

How did the “NuNu” server get its name?

Our group hosts a couple of different Minecraft servers. One we always have up and the other is used for game nights and development builds. The one that is always up was called “The Main Server” or “Main” and the other, which is not always open to the community was called “the Alt server” or  “Alt”. Once the 1.8 update came out we named it “Severus Survival Server”. It was a map set to a harder difficulty and without the game rules safety net. The pay off was DIAMONDS APLENTY! Soon after opening the server to the community, we realized that because we had built the map from a 1.8 snapshot in order to have it ready in time for launch day, the map was unstable and riddled with bugs. We decided to start a “new” fresh map and all was right with the (Minecraft) world. “NuNu” comes from the fact that this was now our new “new” server and because of our love for Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

How do I get to The End?

Our custom community portal to The End is located on the bottom basement level of the command tower with the community Nether portal.

As always, to safely exit The End, hop through the exit portal that was created by the original dragon’s death. You will be taken back to your spawn point/home bed in the over world. (To skip that story screen when going through the portal, press Esc.)

Can I summon a new dragon?

We only summon dragons for events.

Can I build in the End?

You may, but we suggest building on one of the side islands to ensure your builds aren’t destroyed during future dragon spawning events. Use the portals that appear after the dragon’s death to get to those.

Are there any Community Spawners?

There will be as they are set up and donated. There is a windmill located near the command tower that will house them.

Can I spawn my own Wither Boss?

A Wither spawning arena has been built for safely summoning and fighting a Wither that ensures it does not escape and destroy nearby player builds. If you would like to summon one do so there. The command block to access this arena is located in the Community CBs floor of the command tower basement.

How many Beacons/Conduits can I have?

When we have Spigot installed for lag management:
We allow 1 active beacon/conduit per player. If you live with or near other players, the active beacons must be placed no closer than 100 blocks apart. Active Beacons are a high source of lag, because they try to keep everyone’s status effects updated as players move in, around, & out of their range.

When we are running pure Vanilla Minecraft with no plug-ins
(usually around new game updates):
All Beacons must be turned off or they will be removed. With the size & activity of our servers, the lack of our lag managing plug-ins requires some big lag-reducing in-game changes to keep the game playable for the majority of the players.

Ooh, a village / temple / monument / nether fortress / stronghold / End City, can I claim it?!

Not so fast! Different naturally spawning structures have different rules.

Villages / Desert Temples / Jungle Temples (upcoming 1.9 igloos): You are allowed to claim, build on, loot, or live in these structures.
You can even create your own private village by curing zombie villagers and breeding them to create your own little trading community. Each player is allowed up to 11 villagers total and they must be separated with no more than 2-3 in a 16×16 chunk in order to reduce lag (for more info please read the Lag Info here).

Strongholds may be player claimed and looted. We only ask that you do not activate the end portal until our first dragon event. After that you are free to do so.

Nether Fortresses
You may explore and loot nether fortresses, but you cannot deny other players entry. Blaze Spawners at `are community property. You can set them up for farming the blazes for rods & XP drops, but do so understanding that others in the area may use it as well. You may even work with your neighbors in setting up a blaze spawner. In the same respect, if you should see that a blaze spawner has been set up for farming, please do not break anything or alter it in any way without the permission of the one who built it, or an admin if they are not available.

Ocean monuments are a little different.
On NuNu and v1.13 Servers, due to the amount of work that goes into defeating and draining one of these things, it has been decided that you may claim ONE ocean monument for yourself or your team/family. Please inform an admin once you have found one you wish to claim so that we may document it for your protection should someone come along and try to claim it as well. Also, please place an easily identifiable sign above the monument so passersby will know it has been claimed. Do keep in mind that a TREMENDOUS amount of lag for everyone online goes into draining one of these monuments due to the obscene amount of flowing water involved. Please be mindful of that when deciding to drain one.

If you already claimed a monument but you just can’t get enough of them, feel free to loot any that you find that have not been previously claimed. If you are only going to loot a monument (for sponge rooms, or killing the Elder Guardians for their drops/sponge), always mark that the monument has been looted. That way anyone else who finds it will know those resources are already gone, but they might still want to claim it for the blocks or guardian farming capability.

Also, should you decide to turn your claimed monument into a Guardian farm, you MAY NOT build your home within the vicinity of the spawner. When walls and rooms are built underwater, it disturbs the natural position of the water turning it into “flowing water” and as you’ve heard the admins cry so many many times, flowing water creates lag. That on top of the spawn rate of guardians can make some areas impossible to move in for some players. Be sure your home is at LEAST 128 blocks away from your monument. A good way to tell is if you create a map from the outer edge of your property, your monument should not appear on that map. If your home is too close to your guardian spawner you could unintentionally be creating lag for other players. If the admins are receiving or experiencing lag complaints we will be looking for causes and if we find your property is too close to one of these we will ask you to move regardless of how much or how big your build already is.

Can I build an autofarm or other redstone heavy devices?

Redstone is one of the greatest and worst things to ever happen to Minecraft. It’s great because of all the wondrous contraptions that can be built with it. Admins hate it because it is just about the number 2 cause of lag on servers. We’ve all seen the tutorials for building great machines in Minecraft, and we all want to build them, but those designs are geared more for single player maps.

To answer your question small autofarms and machines are allowed BUT must have an on/off switch and MUST ALWAYS be in the off position when not in use or if you are offline.  If players begin to complain about lag and the admins have to go searching for the culprit and find an autofarm or machine that is turned on and an owner is nowhere to be seen, we will remove it.

Fairly complex redstone devices will require admin approval and must serve a useful purpose.
For more information on Lag causes, read here.

How can I talk to other players directly?

Using in-game chat:
press “C” or “T” to pull up the chat and begin typing
/w playername or /t playername will allow you to whisper to a specific player only.

Join us on Discord: