Server Rules

Welcome to our Some Awesome Minecraft server! We pride our servers on being a Family Friendly environment, and encourage parents to play along with their children. We ask that when you do request that your child be whitelisted or if you allow them to play via your account, that you make sure that they understand our rules outlined below, and that you take a moment to go over the Family Guidelines. Any damage that is incurred while your account is online is liable to your account, no exceptions.

Since there are potentially children on the server or watching their parents play at any given time, we ask that you refrain from using any offensive or suggestive language in the chat. Even starred out words and abbreviations should be considered off limits as inquiring little minds often want to know.  Basically, if you had a pre-schooler and you didn’t want them to repeat what you are saying, that’s a good benchmark to go by to know whether or not you should be putting it in chat.

We also ask that you do not post questions of a personal nature in the game chat. Especially with the children, as this can make people uncomfortable. While most of you are not strangers to us or each other, the concept of “Stranger Danger”, especially in an online community where people go under pseudonyms, is very much upheld here. If you are curious about these things, we ask that you use the Facebook Group to inquire about them in a broader sense (i.e.- asking everyone and not just a single person).

How to Join: 

  1. Join the Minecraft Facebook Group if you haven’t already:
  2. Read through this page – it may be long, but we have reasons behind everything here.
  3. If you are requesting a whitelisting for anyone under 18, read through the Family Guidelines as well.
  4. Enter your full name and IGN (in-game name) into the form at the bottom of these rules and submit.

We will typically get to your request for whitelisting within 24 hours. Please note that your name must match the name of your Facebook profile (which must have been created no less than 30 days ago) and only real names (no monikers or company names) are eligible for approval. We do this to ensure that anyone coming onto the server has some sense of accountability for their actions; this is one of the steps in preventing griefers from easily making their way onto the server.

Server Owners:
Christopher Morris aka Serverus
Tonya Morris aka ToRiMiLi

Server Admins:
Tonya Morris aka ToRiMiLi
Nancy Owen aka dancingn27
Sarah Penney aka Akumo
Jennifer Tame aka Elyntia
Jen Madsen Seelaus aka blackbird_cloud

Server Addresses:


  • There are Community Chests & starter supplies for new players in the Command Tower (CT) near spawn. You may take what you need from these chests.
  • Please respect other players’ structures and chests (absolutely NO griefing or stealing).
  • No floating trees (do not leave partial wood trunks).
  • The garden and barn by the Command Tower (CT) are for community use, but please replant and leave two of each animal for breeding (breed if you can; you get XP for it anyway).
  • Use of the neighbors’ farms is up to the farm owner. Do not assume it is free for the taking.
  • Do not ride horses or otherwise interact with animals if they are named or in pens and are not yours.
  • Do not tame animals and leave them in widely trafficked areas.
  • If you are going to start a build, please finish it. If an unfinished build is inquired about by an admin, please give a timeline for when you think it may be completed. If a build is left unfinished for too long, an admin may complete it or take it down.
  • Command Blocks (CBs) are our form of teleporting back and forth from spawn to your home. If you need one, let one of the server admins know. You are allowed one set to and from the command tower, and another set to and from your vault. If you choose not to have a vault this does not mean you have an extra set of command blocks.
  • Do not activate command blocks that belong to other players without their express permission. There is a place for public command blocks in the basement “Community” floor of the Command Tower.
  • No cursing. We have kids who play with us; keep the language and content/topics PG13 please.
  • Player skins must be age-appropriate (this is up to the discretion of the admins)
  • If a Command Block (CB) has a sign above it with a player’s name and the words “ONLY” or “VAULT,” then it is a player-specific command block and IS NOT to be touched by other players. Doing so could teleport that player against their will (if they are online), and if they are in the Nether or End, it will most likely kill them. Players found purposely activating these command blocks will be removed from the whitelist.
  • Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) in front of spawners as it creates unnecessary load on the server when a large number of mobs spawn and are confined to a small area. All spawner farms should be setup with an on/off method, to keep the mobs from building up when players are not actively killing them.
  • Do not type gibberish into the chat since it moves so fast it is hard enough for players to keep up with what is being said.
  • Do not advertise other Servers or Realms in the game chat or in our groups.
  • Do not solicit the group to follow your Youtube channel or other social medias.
  • Do not go over or past walls or fences – they are placed for a reason. Players use fences, walls, signs, & torches to mark off their claimed land. When looking for land to claim or build on, make sure you leave plenty of space around you & others’ builds.
  • When it comes to redstone, animal breeding, etc, please review our Lag Info & Guidelines page for details here.
  • For more detailed game-play questions & answers, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

The most important rule to follow (and the most frequently broken) is:

Do not enter buildings that are not in public zones unless invited or otherwise advised it is OK to do so. If you are unsure if a building is public, it’s always best to ask first.

If you encounter any behavior on the server from individual players that you consider to be inappropriate or unkind, we ask that you contact one of the admins directly with your complaint, or use the complaint form here on the site, rather than bringing it to the attention of the whole group by posting it on the feed on Facebook. This way, not only can we avoid unnecessary tension, embarrassment, or awkwardness in the group itself, but it prevents any retaliation upon the one making the objection. While we have had the good fortune of being part of such an amazingly amiable group of players thus far, we can’t promise that every day will be a marshmallow Shangri-La.

Also, it should be noted that people do make mistakes from time to time, and as long as you take a measure of responsibility for any unfortunate accidents you may cause, most of us are pretty forgiving (and it helps that the admins can go into creative mode to fix anything quickly!). Likewise, if you happen to be the victim of a situation where there is no apparent perpetrator, then feel free to ask about it in the group, since it only makes sense to cast a wider net in that case. There’s probably a good chance that someone slipped up while you were AFK, and they didn’t know who to go to with the apology.

Regarding the 1.13 server:

  1. Keep Inventory = False
  2. Mob Griefing = True
  3. Fire Spread = True
  4. Server is in Hard Mode
  5. Ore generation has not been altered. Diamonds are rare again

As of version 1.13 the admins have marked off an area around spawn which is 1,000 blocks in every direction from the Command Tower. This will be for future, admin-approved, community projects so DO NOT BUILD, MINE, or LOOT within these walls. There are roads heading straight out along the 4 compass points from the command tower (N, E, S, W), pick one and start your adventure.


Starter Information:

We occasionally run administrative mods when Bukkit/Spigot have caught up but nothing cosmetic. If you would like to run client-side mods, we ask that you stick to the ones in the approved list.

Even though we’ve been very fortunate with few instances of griefing or theft on this server, we strongly recommend you build a safe room (vault) to store all valuables. Please dig out the space any size (please keep it boxy/rectangular) and tag an admin to come and line it with bedrock. We will then place a player or team (for families) specific Command Block (CB) so that only those may enter that vault.

Please fill out the below form and agree to the above rules. These rules may be changed at any time, and new rules may be created and enforced by an admin at any time if unique or extenuating circumstances call for it.

In game name

You need to have a Facebook account that is also in our Facebook group to be whitelisted.

Click this box if you are changing you IGN

Click this box to indicate that you have read the server rules and agree to abide by them.

For more info, check out these docs too:

If you’re not sure if it’s a rule, check out the FAQ doc below