Extra Life Amusement Park


Saturday, November 2nd, the Minecraft server was proud to partake in the annual Extra Life charity event, 25 hours of gaming to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network which aids over 170 children’s hospitals all over the United States and Canada.

For the event, we hosted a community build where the incredible members of our server worked together to create an amusement park. Imaginations soared as players came up with creative ways to recreate popular rides and attractions using a vanilla server.

Some of the displays you’ll find are a piggy carousel, a fun house, roller coasters, bumper cars and more. Not at all surprising with this group, the ideas keep flowing, so we left it up for a while to watch the map grow!


As a team, the community was able to raise over $1,300 for this worthy cause, and we’re proud to say that the majority of participants and donations came from this wonderful group of Minecraft people! It just goes to show how a simple Facebook group has gone from a bunch of strangers with a common interest to a community of people who care and support one another. We are people who see each other online every day. Our kids play together in a virtual world we built together. It’s so much more than just a game. Thank you all for your continued support and for making our group one of my favorite places on Facebook!

Special Thanks to:

Stephen Lapage aka “Strangeth0ughts”


Stephen was our Donor of the Year! By supporting everyone in the group, his total donations reached $240 toward our team goal. Then he went on to become a team member and raised another $75.00. Thank you so much Stephen, not only for your generous contributions, but for providing the comic relief on the server that we love. You rock!

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