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For those who don’t know, I am the creator and Admin behind our Mini Builders challenge.

Mini builders was a simple concept; we as a server hold many games nights, but some are too late for our little ones to join in.  The solution was to create a challenge designed just for them.

One of the things I noticed when becoming an admin was how different the children play Minecraft than adults. An adult will easily set themselves goals.  “Today I will mine,” or “Today I will gather resources to build a house.” Children’s minds don’t quite work like that; they will picture a build in their mind but will not always want to spend hours collecting wood and stone to build it.  Sometimes they simply do not have the time to do this with school and homework. I also learned some children just don’t know simple crafting recipes; this sparked the creation of the GMM School, a place where any child can learn any crafting recipe.

GMM School

So the First Mini Builders challenge was born. With all I had seen and learned in mind, I set a house building challenge. The children were given a storage hut filled with supplies and a 20×20 plot to build on. What followed shocked us all. Without the hassle of collecting resources, the children could just create and build with no restraint on their creativity.

2013-12-02_20.26.36 2013-12-02_20.27.01

If fantastic builds were not enough, they shocked us one more time; the children, between themselves, grew their very own community in their very own corner of the server. It turned out, with a little encouragement, the children grew, planted, and mined all the resources they would need for the next challenge, and we hadn’t even confirmed there would be another.

MB's Farm

But now we are starting Challenge 2, “Interior Design.” With help from the server community, a hotel was built, and now the children each have a room to design.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

MB's Hotel Challenge 2

If your Mini Builders are wanting to join in, head over to our Facebook page and check out the rules for entry.


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