Mini Builders: Hotel – CLOSED


Hello all, 

Today sees the launch of our second mini builders challenge.  Once again, I ask you to read through these rules with your child so they are clear on the rules.

This challenge will be a decorating challenge. We have been working all weekend building a hotel at the mini builder’s sites, and your children’s job will be to decorate a room.

This time around, there will be a total of four winners :
Best room in age group 5-10
Best room in age group 11-16
Best hallway (On each floor there are two rooms; in between the two rooms is a hallway, and a bonus prize will be given to the pair with the best hallway.


On arrival to Mini Builders, your child MUST SHOUT the secret password which is, “What color is creeper poo?” In doing so, they will get to choose a room and must place a sign above the front door.

Your child will now have access to a kids only vault with basic supplies. As with the previous challenge, we ask for your children to NOT bring their own supplies. Mini Builders has grown a great deal, and there may be no wood in the vault, but there are axes and a tree farm.

Children must NOT take any of the supplies off site; all supplies are to only be used for Mini Builders.

Children are only allowed one room each.

They can remove and replace any cobblestone but must not remove the red brick or glass windows.

Last rule: The same as before, this is not a race, and there will be two weeks to complete this challenge.  Tt will end on December 16th.

If you or your child is unclear on anything, feel free to ask.



Mini Builders : Challenge 2
I am happy to announce the two winners of this challenge.
Congratulation to Huntersilly (Jenn) for winning the best room design and to Cat_grl (Amanda) for best lobby.

They will both be receiving a special (real life) prize from me, which should be with you in the next couple of weeks.

All of the children have a gift package for taking part; they just need to speak to an admin or Shirra to receive their gift.


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