Secret Santa!


Secret Santa is now a go! Located in the mall, feel free to come in, and with a signed book (books provided) with your name, put it in the chest which will go to the dispenser. After a day or two (so books can build up), you will be allowed to draw a book out which will have a random name for you to get a gift for (in the game of course).

1.) If you put in your name, you must draw a name. That way every name is drawn.
2.) Gifts must be given to the name you draw out.
3.) No putting the book you receive back into the chest unless you draw your own name. Who you get is who you will be getting a gift for. 
4.) If you are not going to be on around Christmas but still want to participate and get your gift delivered to whoever you got, let an admin know, and we can deliver it for you.

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