Mini Builders, Mini Market. [CLOSED]

Hello All,

Today sees the launch of our Mini Market building challenge, I know the kids have been itching for a new building one and here it is for them.

Before I start, I would like to Thank one of our players: Aurakiel is the person behind the idea and building of this challenge and I owe her a great deal of thanks as the Market looks amazing and is only going to get better when the kids add to it.

Right down to the nitty Gritty!


The challenge

Situated at the end of Kidz Street a new market has been built, it contains 20 15×15 plots for your children to build their own working shop.


When this challenge is over a CB will be set up for others on the server to use and visit the children’s very own market.

The Rules.

The shop May only sell items that can be harvested from Mini builders, but not from the vault! IE: If they want to set up a leather shop, this would be fine as long as they are breeding and killing the cows themselves and not selling the leather from the vault.

There may be duplicated shops; if every child wants to build a wool shop this is fine.

They may only build ONE shop.

They MUST have a full pricing list in their shop, whether it be signs or books.

To enter this challenge the password must be whispered to an Admin, Shirra_Digger or Aurakiel

Their shop MUST be stocked! If they are selling wool we want to see 1 chest full; if they are selling nether rack we want to see a chest full!

Lastly, I know I say this every time, but it’s not a race there will be 2 weeks to finish this challenge and it ends on the 1st of February.

Good luck!


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