Mini builders: Build a boat

Good morning, afternoon or evening.

Today we start what could be one of my favourite Mini Builders challenges “build a Boat”.

I have to thank Amanda, Chris, Ashley and Orey for this one and there help in building it.

Now this challenge is nice and easy, simply build a boat and the best 3 will win some in game goodies.

As always there are some rules, and we ask if you can read through these with your children before they start the challenge.


A Dock has been created with one slot per mini builder, their boat must not go beyond the boarders


We ask they only use supplies from the Mini Builders vault and not bring any of their own supplies


We have added more supplies this round to make it a bit more fun for them (please tell them this).

Please do not whisper the password to any other child (we have powers to check up on them so don’t do it) to get the password fill in and agree to the blue box below and the password will be given.

Lastly (and this is the best rule) Have Fun! The children will be able to see some examples already built by the admin which they are free to explore and play in.


I thank you as always for reading a respecting the rules we put in place for them, this challenge will end on the 3rd of march.

XX Molly

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