Server shenanigan

Last night I popped on the server, while I was happily going about my business I received a whisper from another admin telling me to go peek at another player’s home.

Now don’t get me wrong I know I have the reputation as the joker admin, but what I was about to witness had me literally on my bedroom floor laughing.


Someone (and I won’t name names) had teepeed this players home. Why am I sharing this with you all, because of 2 reason, 1st this is a work of shear genius and credit goes where it is due the creativeness of this is beyond anything I could dream up, 2nd it is just too funny not to share with the world.



XX Molly

P.S remember if you’re thinking of playing a practical joke on another player, that is fine just remember there is a thin line between grieving and funny 😉

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