Get Ready For Rush Maps

With 1.8 coming out soon (we think) there have been a lot of questions around what we have planned, will the main server be upgrading, etc.

Since Bukkit has taken so long with releasing a recommended build for 1.7, we’ve decided that we will not move the main server to 1.8 when it is released. HOWEVER, we’ve decided on something which I consider to be just as good.

Starting today, we are introducing what I’ve coined as Rush Maps. A Rush Map is essentially a brand new, free-for-all, PVP-enabled world that you can raid for whatever blocks or items you wish. On the first of every month until 1.8 is released, we will move over all items in your Enderchest to the main server, and a new world will be loaded.

Once 1.8 is released we will do the same thing, except once the maps are rotated out, you may choose between either storing the Enderchest contents in a file until 1.8 Bukkit is released, or forgoing the 1.8 items and moving over all of the 1.7 items to the main server. Once 1.8 Bukkit comes out, we will move the contents of any stored file into your Main server inventory.

Please keep in mind that this server will be NO HOLDS BARRED which means that slaying other people for their items is permitted, as well as theft, so we recommend that you hide any standard chests as well as you can. There will be little to no admin intervention, as there are few standard gameplay rules (only the normal chat and modding rules, please refer to those pages for more on those if you haven’t already).

The only other thing that may be looked down upon is spawn killing. There’s no point in that other than to be a jerk since keepInventory is off and newly spawned players will have no inventory so obviously don’t do that.

I want to reiterate that this is a voluntary activity with low oversight, so please don’t let anything that happens on this server affect your relationships with folks over on Main GM. It’s a competition and it should be treated that way. If you don’t think your kids will be able to handle this without getting upset, I recommend that you not tell them about it.

As per usual, we will occasionally take down the Rush Map for game nights, and I will be putting the creative server map in the download section for anyone to continue with if they have stuff on there.

Otherwise, the 1.7 version is up right now, feel free to head over there now at

There’s a command block that gives Enderchests in the building near spawn, which then teleports you 1000 blocks away (this is to discourage loading up on Enderchests) to a safe location where you can spend the night if you need to. We ask that you don’t mess with anything in the spawn houses, otherwise we’ll have to turn it into a bedstone hole 😉

Any questions let me know. Good luck!


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