Hogwarts – School of Mining and Crafting


If there is one thing Some Awesome Minecraft loves, it’s theme builds. Admin molly360 had the ingenious idea to build a school house to teach crafting recipes to new players who may not know how to build certain things (or for some of the seasoned players who simply forgot). The school was very popular and quite useful. The more we visited, the more we realized more recipes needed to be added. The school began expanding to accommodate the new classrooms until eventually it was becoming bigger than the space allotted. Since we’re also Harry Potter fans, it was a unanimous decision that the bigger school would HAVE to be modeled after Hogwarts with a Minecraft twist. Thus the Hogwarts School of Mining and Crafting was created.


The school is amazing! Not only is it functional in that it is full of classrooms with detailed descriptions on how to craft useful items, including a potions room, but there are so many Harry Potter details mixed in. You don’t even have to be a fan of Minecraft to appreciate all the work and detail that has gone into this build.

Our Hogwarts grand opening was held on Monday, February 24th at 9:30 pm EST. Everyone in attendance received a “Magic wand” as their trophy for the event (a new achievement collection we’ve started on the server).

So join our group, log on to our server, and grab your wands and your robes as you travel through Command Block 9 3/4 to this most amazing recreation of one of our favorite fandoms.

Special Thanks to our builders:
Lorrie H aka Lorelien
Emma M aka molly360
Ashley S aka Aurakiel
Amanda C aka adnamaxoc/MandaLin
Brooke C aka Cat_Grl
Chris C aka Sirhcxoc

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