Some Awesome Minecraft Bank: Introducing Currency Exchange



The admin team is excited to introduce the Some Awesome Minecraft Bank! The Bank will allow members of the server to exchange “currency.”  This system grants the community the ability to convert their excess iron into gold or diamonds. If you’ve been down on your luck lately in your diamond mine, the bank will most likely be your favorite new hang out. Iron and gold can also be exchanged for emeralds! The Some Awesome Minecraft Bank does not however accept emeralds for other ores.



The current exchange rates are:

Currency Exchange

1 Iron Block = 1 Gold Ingot

1 Gold Block = 1 Diamond

Emerald Exchange

1 Iron Block = 1 Emerald

1 Gold Ingot = 1 Emerald


The Bank is fully automated. Just visit the bank and head into the area behind the safe door at the back of the building to access the exchange system. Signs are posted to help you as well. You will also find admin bank tellers who will be more than happy to trade with you the old fashioned way. Remember to bank responsibly!




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