Fireball Update

Update for the Fire Flower (Toad Hut):

We’ve been hearing that people who received this special from the Toad Hut have been a little disappointed with it, so we’ve revamped it a little bit. Starting today the following changes have been made.

1. You no longer have to type /fireball to use this. Understandably, requiring such a long command made it fairly unusable in combat against mobs, so we’ve shortened this to /l (that’s “slash L”). I whipped up this little animated GIF to show you how much easier this is to pull off now

It's SO easy! ;-)

It’s SO easy! 😉

2. All people with this power will no longer take damage from fire or lava, effectively making it so that you can now do some elaborate parkour in the Nether without risking death.

If you have any questions about this or the Toad Hut in general, feel free to ask in the comments. On a side note, I also added permanent water breathing ability to the Frog Suit, however you will still need your command block in order to activate the high jump ability.

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