Mother’s Day!

May is obviously a big month here for us, and this weekend, we’re going to give our wonderful admins the greatest gift in the world…


That’s right, for this weekend only, Friday through Sunday. The admins will be OFF DUTY. That means:

  • No CB requests
  • No help with complex builds
  • No CTRL-Z shop
  • No lottery
  • No fishing contest
  • No birthday deliveries (we’ll get to you after the weekend)
  • No tagging them in the group
  • No enchanted book sales
  • No Toad Hut (and if your power runs out this weekend, you get to keep it until Monday)
  • No CB requests

It doesn’t mean that they won’t be on, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that there will be no one keeping an eye on things (hint: it’s me) but if you do see them on, please treat them like any other normal player unless it is a grave emergency.

This will be an excellent way to learn the real level of appreciation you have for how hard the ladies work on this server to provide you with the best experience possible, while providing them the opportunity to just be one of the regular folks and take it easy (if they decide to get on at all). I’m sure that once the weekend is over, you’ll be quite happy to have them back on the clock 😉

Make sure to wish them a very happy Mother’s Day, and if you have any special plans for them, feel free to PM me (Christopher Morris) on Facebook or leave your well-wishes in the comments.

Thanks everyone!

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