Mini Builders: Summer Sandbox Challenge.


Mini Builders is back!

I know our children have been doing nothing but talk about this, and the wait is over.

We have 2 challenges running over the next few weeks, the second is a big one I won’t go into details about yet, but the first is a warm up to help some of our newest children get used to the Mini Builders area.

For any of you new to Mini Builders, and the ones who already love it, we have made some big changes to the Mini builders rules which can be found here >> It is important you go over these with your children so they understand how it all works.


The Challenge


This warm up challenge is a nice and easy one (well sort of).

As with previous challenge we like to be assured you have read this article with your children, at the bottom is an agreement which will give you a special password. Once read and the password received all your child will need to do is WHISPER (please don’t say it loud in the chat) it to an admin and they will be shown where to go.




Each child will have a 10 x 10 sand box to get creative with, the only material they are allowed to use is sand. This said, there are plenty of things that can be crafted from sand and these are all allowed to be use in the challenge. This is a great challenge for them to learn some basic crafting recipes the following link is to the wiki page to give them a few ideas:

Stained glass WILL be allowed on the condition they source the dye themselves, and torches are allowed to light up any structures they create.

There is no limit or theme to this build; they are able to build whatever they want on their own 10 x 10 plot and as high as they want.

Only 1 plot per child.

No griefing other children’s builds!

Sand has been provided for them.

This is a week-long challenge running from the 21st of July to the 28th.

IMPORTANT! The area on which the sand box challenge is created was admin made and the children are advised not to dig down.

Prizes for this challenge:

1st: 3 enchanted books of their choosing* 10 diamonds
2nd 2 enchanted books of their choosing* 10 gold ingots
3rd 1 enchanted book of their choosing* 10 iron ingots
Plus each child (even the winners) will receive a goodies chest just for taking part.

*They will receive a voucher (aka a written book) to be exchanged with an admin when they have decided which enchantment they want.


As always any Mini Builders challenge is about having fun with a little bit of learning thrown in.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to tag me on facebook, just remember I’m in a different time zone, so if it takes me a while to respond I’m probably sleeping.


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