1.8 And what’s going to happen on the server.

Yay the 1.8 minecraft update is here!

We, like you, are really excited!

However as some of you may remember from the 1.7 update our server didn’t handle it well, Lag no matter how good your PC,  server crashing and heavy restriction put all over the server, at one point we had to turn off ALL fountains, Beacons, and there was NO exploring allowed.


Let me explain:

I won’t go into half as much detail as Chris, but one of the reasons our server works so well is the plug-ins we have, they keep it all running smoothly and we have a great deal of protection in place with these plug-ins.  Now with an update there is always a great delay in the plug-ins being updated too. With 1.7 it took nearly 5 months before everything could be restored and at one point it became unbearable to play on the server. With all this in mind we WILL NOT be updating the main server, until all plug-ins are updated too.



Yes it does greatly! But hold your horses!

Over the next couple of weeks/days we will be preparing the alternate server to open up as a second Main server complete with the 1.8 update. This server will be a permanent feature, so  you can build, explore and create new community lots. With us not having as much control over the 1.8 server we (the admin team) have decided to take you completely back to Basics, meaning we’re going back to vanilla!

No Keep Inventory (you die, you drop your stuff)

Mob griefing will be ON (When that Creeper goes BOOM, he will mean business)

Were upping the difficultly! (no more easy mobs, RUN!)

….But because we’re a family friendly server and much rather promote a more community feel server PvP will still be off.

Ore Generation has been increased! (diamonds everywhere )

Admins will not be selling you anything!

You will Only be allowed ONE pair of CBs to and from the new(ish) Command Tower, and that will be all the CBs you’re allowed.



LAG! LAG LAG! I’m not going to lie the probability of great lag is high as we will have no plug-ins to reduce it, it will probably crash a lot too. So it is asked you take all lag reducing measure into account when you play. If you are unsure what these are, Please read this article.  If you are found deliberately causing lag admins will take matters into their own hands without giving warning!


Mob Griefing on:

With this on there will become a huge amount of creeper hole everywhere, you are asked to fill them back in! If you haven’t got the materials to do so my suggestion is to take a screen shot with your coordinates on and either ask an admin really really nicely or go back later and back fill leaving a sign to say you will do so. To take a srceen shot  press F3 to bring up your De-bug screen and then F2 to take a screen shot (to close the de-bug screen press F3 again).



For the time being, until the server is established we ask no withers are spawned.


The End & Ender Dragon:

There will be NO access to the End until further notice, all end portals have been located and turned off. The loot has been left in the strongholds and should you stumble across one, the loot is yours but the strongholds will remain Server property.



After some discussion we have decided there will be no Claiming of Villages on this server. If you find one, you are free to loot it, use it and even extend it, but it will remain community property and other players will be free to use it. This all said if you create your own village (with a couple of cured zombie villagers) this will be your property and not open for public use (unless you desire). There is also a village very close to spawn, that we would like you not to touch as we would like to preserve this.



Underwater dungeons:

These are open and up for grabs, like with the Villages there is no claiming it all to yourself, but you are welcome to loot, destroy and take all the blocks.

PLEASE NOTE: Admins have located one underwater dungeon which is to be preserved, NOT touched, NOT even explored.



I’m going to highlight this now in case it’s unclear, although we are taking you back to basics and there are some new rules, the old ones that apply on the main server will still apply on the new one. As always if you are found breaking rules, actions will be taken. If you are needing a re-cap on the rules then follow the link: http://www.gmmc.me/server-rules/


What does the future hold?

I would like to highlight this is in no way the end of our main server, in fact our hope is in a few months’ time to connect both worlds via a tether, this will either be in the form of a portal or Command block meaning you can easily walk between the two taking your inventory with you.

As you can imagine we are incredibly excited about this and look forward to explore a whole new world with you.


As always if you have any question feel free to comment or message us.



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