1.8 Rules and Guidelines

1.8 is here! The Bountiful update has had us all flooding the alt server, eagerly trying to plant new roots on a brand new map.

As you know from the previous article regarding 1.8 we’re approaching this new map differently. Without the safety net of our plug ins to help reduce lag we’ve needed to make concessions elsewhere. The amount of command blocks each player is allowed has been limited and redstone contraptions are being strictly regulated. As the new map expands we may find that we may need to become more strict with other things, and more lenient with others so please just bare with us while we get this all figured out.

With that said, let us lay down some of the ground rules for this new server and map. For the most part, the rules from the main server still apply. If you are not familiar with those, or need a refresher, please go back and read those over. With the basic guidelines set in place from the main server, we need to add the following list of rules in regards to the new alt server:

Command Blocks: every player/account is allowed 2 sets of command blocks (CBs). One set from the command tower to your home and back, another set to your personalized vault and back to your home. If you decide not to use a set for one of these purposes it does not entitle you to an extra set to link up somewhere else, it just means that you have chosen not to use one of your sets at this time.

Teams are a part of the scoreboard feature and have become a useful tool for the admins. We can set up a command block for team use which would allow several people the use of just one cb instead of having multiple cbs to enter a vault for example. This helps the server by not having all the extra cb clutter. The admins will be happy to set up a team for you and your family if you would like one. There are a few groups who have played closely together for some time, we will allow those groups to become a team, but be aware that you can only be one team at a time and we will only change this for you ONCE. Children will be on a team with their parents if requested by the parents but we won’t be setting up any “kids” teams (they disband so frequently).

You can move/redirect your command block ONCE! If you get bored in a location that you’re in, or decide you’d rather be closer to another set of coords or a biome that is not already occupied, feel free to settle in. However, your command blocks will not move with you. We suggest you make a permanent base camp and that you have “vacation” homes throughout the world where you will be safe on your adventures. I suggest placing enderchests in these homes so that you can easily access stuff from another house that you have put in there (although, good luck getting your hands on an enderpearl, and I mean that sincerely). Also, feel free to buddy up. On the main server the admins were gracious enough to supply you with spawn huts at different biomes, and I know that some of you awesome folks have been nice enough to share the coordinates of biomes that you find. Build a spawn hut! Post the coords to this “safe house”. These are still allowed, they just will not be admin supplied or command block accessible, and if you do use one of these that was built by another player, be respectful. Do not remove or break anything that was placed to help make things easier for anyone who wanted to use it, but also be aware that admins won’t be replacing it either if they are damaged. So, use the golden rule *Do unto others as you would have done unto you* and work together for the greater good.

DO NOT build inside the wall around spawn: The admins have marked off land around the spawn area that will include the market, and any other community services we find are necessary. If you are found building inside the wall area we will ask you to tear down your structures and move. We will supply you with temporary command blocks to assist the move but they will only be up for a limited time.

Redstone contraptions and auto farms: if you are using redstone on the server we only ask that anything being powered by it has on/off capabilities and is always in the “off” position when not in use. Even when you are online, if you are not using it at the moment it should be off. This will greatly reduce lag not just for you, but for other players who may live nearby.

You may have heard once or twice that Auto farms are the bane of Serverus’ existence. Very little sympathy is given for lag complaints if there are auto farms nearby, and if the admins find them, we will dismantle them. As the plug ins catch up to the new update we may become more lax about this. In the mean time, no auto farms!

Villages, Fortresses, Desert and Jungle Temples and Water Monuments: Valuable resources can be found in any of these naturally spawning structures and we want to allow them to be open to everyone. The exception we have recently made to this rule has been Ocean Monuments. Due to the amount of work that goes into conquering one of these we have agreed to allow you to claim one monument for yourself (if you are an individual player) or your family.

Since guardians will continue to spawn in an area where a monument may have been standing, even after you tear yours down (if that’s what you decide to do) you will still be able to collect the valuable shards needed to make the blocks and lamps only found in those monuments. Therefore even if the structure is gone, you may not claim another monument. While these have proven not to be rare we want to ensure everyone has the chance to claim one.  However, this does not mean you can not loot other monuments as long as they have not been claimed.

To claim a monument, place signs above and/or around them to show any one who passes by that it has been claimed. Also, please take a screen shot with coordinates and post it in the group. Command blocks will not be placed to them fro easier access so if you can try to find one close by, or we recommend the use of enderchests to help get those new blocks back home.

Spawners: if you find a mob spawner in your caves while exploring, you may make it an XP farm, but the admins will not set up a command block to it. There will be no community XP farms established. You may allow other people access to it, but it will have to be through your own command block. Also, you must be able to shut it off when not in use (even if you are not online, other players may be nearby loading the chunk that would make it spawn), and DO NOT under any circumstances go AFK (away from keyboard) in front of one.

Mob Droppers/Grinders: Unlike droppers on the Skyblock or Sea Lab maps that we’ve done, mob droppers will not work the same way on this server. There are too many places for mobs to spawn underground and other places on the map. They will not work properly so please do not build them.

Animals: Animals are a major source of confusion on the server and an even bigger factor where lag is concerned so let’s clear this up. We’re asking that unless you are actively breeding and harvesting at THAT moment that you keep no more than 2 of each animal in a 16×16 pen.  For single block animals (chickens and bunnies) you can double that number. if you only have one kind of animal we ask that you have no more than 10 animals, divided up by 2s in the same sized pens. EXCEPT horses! Horses are a whole other issue because they are bigger, they are rideable, and they come in various colors. Your dreams of owning a horse in every color will just have to wait. Keep no more than 1 horse per 16×16 pen.

THIS IS NOT PERMANENT! We are trying to work out solutions to the lag which would allow us to have more animals.This is a rule that even the admins are being held to. None of us are enjoying the lag issues that we knew would come with a big update like this In the mean time we need your help to keep lag to a minimum for all.

Rules are subject to change as we find necessary. However, notice will be given when/if we do so.

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