New New 1.8 Map

The Plan

Because of the glitches with the existing 1.8 map (a.k.a. Alt Server) being world-based and currently unfixable until we get a Mojang patch or Bukkit 1.8 comes out (or, on a less priority level, an MCMyAdmin update for the restarts) we’ve decided to run a little test. This test was borne from the idea that a new new 1.8 map would fix the severe lag and disconnect problems some players have been experiencing lately. Basically it involves setting up ANOTHER 1.8 server once we’ve put the main server to bed for a while.

I can’t guarantee that this will fix everyone’s problems though, especially if you:

• Have a slow internet connection
• Are thousands of miles away from Atlanta, GA (where the server is hosted)
• Are playing on a crappy computer
• Have issues with Java

…so we’re going to run both 1.8 servers side by side to find out just how much a performance boost is granted by running the clean map. If it runs significantly better, and everyone (or at least a good majority) agrees that it does, we’ll be putting the existing 1.8 map on ice until, yes, Bukkit 1.8 comes out. Then we might revive it, who knows? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Process

The new server will be put up on Sunday afternoon, October 5th. This will be the day after we have the Going Away Party for the main server. Once it is activated, you can tag me (Christopher Morris) in a post asking to transfer your player data over to the new server. I’ll turn keepInventory on so, in the event you spawn into a mountain or something, you’ll still keep all the stuff we transferred. Then you’re on your own. If you live through the ordeal, I’ll transfer you to spawn. If you suffocate in a wall somewhere, you’ll end up at spawn anyway, so no biggie.

You’ll only get one opportunity to transfer your player data, so please make sure you have everything you want to take with you when you make the request. Your player data will include your inventory contents, enderchest contents, your XP, and your equipped armor. It’s recommended that you put an enderchest in your inventory prior to the move. You will not lose this stuff on the old server either, we’re just making a copy. This server is not guaranteed to stick around unless the benefits are tangible enough to warrant keeping it. That’s all I’ll say for now.

The Rules

If you haven’t read the rules yet for 1.8, I suggest you do that now. There will be NO COMPLAINTS accepted if these guidelines are not followed. Please make sure you understand them, and if you are a little fuzzy about where to build or what you can do when you get onto the new server, ask an admin in-game, or tag one of us in the Facebook group. We can only help you if you want to be helped. By this time, I think we’ve all figured out what has gone right and what has gone wrong with the 1.8 server, so it should be a no-brainer this time around as to what is the best way to approach this little do over. But just in case, here’s a quick summary:

• There’s an area outside spawn that you can’t build on. Don’t build on that. In fact we may just make spawn protection cover that whole area, we’re not sure yet. We’re working on the details, we want to make it as simple as possible not to mess this up. Plenty of headaches from this issue the first time around

• If you want to claim property, build a fence completely around it. If you don’t have enough fence to properly outline your property, you’re not ready to have property. Work on building fences first, then your house. Try to get far enough away from spawn that you don’t have to worry about other people encroaching on your land. You will get ONE command block to the CT, and ONE command block to your vault. You will also get ONE move to cash in at any time, so if you want your command blocks to be in a new place, make sure you’re REALLY sure about your new place.

• Your vault must be smaller than 5000 cubic meters (one block is a cubic meter)

• If you build a hidey hole or temp shack to stay safe for the night, and you do not want to take it down in the morning, please put up a sign labeling it as such. We’re aware that it takes time to destroy structures, time you may not want to lose as the daylight passes, and admittedly, it will be useful to anyone who wants to explore at night, so these temp shacks are beneficial to the players, but we don’t want to be guessing whether this little build is supposed to be permanent or not. So if it’s just a one-night-stand sort of thing, please hang a sign that says so. That way, anyone wanting to commit to that property can tear it down if need be.

There are some other basic rules regarding animals, redstone, spawners etc. If you care about any of these things or plan to build or breed, please review the actual article. The bullet points above are really the most important, but there are plenty of things that couldn’t hurt knowing, so please get yourself acquainted.

The IF…

Hypothetically, if our test were to come to the conclusion that the new new server is a much better choice, you might be wondering what will happen to all your old stuff on the old map, provided we decide to take it down.

There’s a number of things we can do to make sure you keep it, namely:

• Offering the map up for download
• Putting it away until Bukkit updates to 1.8
• Letting you take some of your stuff over to the new server (see above)

But these decisions are still weeks away, let’s get to a place where we can figure out what is best for everyone first.

The Final Decision

We don’t know what this is yet. We’ve got 3 weeks to figure that out. We’re hoping we don’t have to take the other server down, 5 weeks of work is a lot to up and get rid of, but at the end of the day, the capability of everyone to play and have fun is our #1 priority, so we’ll do what we have to, and this test is the best way to find out.

As per usual, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or in the group. And thanks for being part of such an important chapter in our history book.

Finally, I know a lot of you have expressed a desire to help with the cost of performing this test. I ask instead that you support our Extra Life team this year, that would mean a lot to us.

Onward and Upward,



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