MiniBuilders 2

New server, new players, new children, new Mini Builders.

With the creation of our new 1.8 server it’s been decided by the fabulous admins to create a new Mini-Builders area for our younger players.

For those of you who are new let me explain: Mini Builders was created on our main server as a place for our younger players to build, farm, mine, and take part in their own challenges for in-game goodies.  The Mini Builders area is far out of the way in its own corner of the server and a community exclusively for the kids on the server.

Farms and the Mine: Two of the major lessons behind Mini Builders is trying to teach the new generation of players how to play the game and interact in a community. A farm and mine area have been prepared for the children to share. The “prepared” areas are ready for use, but the children will have to complete them in order to use them.  We ask you to encourage your children to do this as a way of introducing them to the community-feel we actively encourage on this server.

Supplies: On this server the children will be able to bring supplies to and from Mini Builders as they please. Community chests have been set up for them in their own safe house. The chests are for “All” children to use and not to be labelled for individual use.


How to get there: A special room for the CB has been set on the bottom/community floor of the command tower. From here children will be able to acess the Mini-Builders area.



The 1st challenge:

We decided to kick off the same way as we did with the old Mini-Builders: with a good old fashioned House building challenge. The children will have a fortnight (2 weeks) to build a house on their very own 20 x 20 plot.



One plot per child.

Children are not to tamper with other’s builds, nor enter them without express permission when the owner isn’t there.

Children are allowed to bring their own supplies or acquire them on the Mini Builders site.

Do not explore from/out past Mini Builders.

No Adults allowed!






As always this isn’t a race and the aim is to have fun!


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