Secret Santa 2014!



It’s Christmas time once again and we’re bringing back Secret Santas! The Secret Santa area is in the giant Christmas Tree outside the Command Tower. (Yes you can finally go in there!)


If you weren’t here for last Christmas, here’s how we do it:
1. Grab a book, write your name in it & “Sign” it. (books provided)
2. Drop the book into the chest in the Christmas tree trunk.
We’ll keep the drop open for 1 week for everyone who wants to participate to get their names in.
3. Next week you’ll be able to get a random name back!
4. When you get the name, you get to come up with some goodies or fun build to gift to the person whose name you have!

Some fun ideas from last year’s Secret Santas:
~personalized art
~special rooms/builds
~personalized items
~items & blocks

December 5th

Attention! If you added your name (or had someone else put your name) into the mix for Secret Santa this year, you may now go to the Christmas Tree to collect the name of your Secret Santa.

* You may only take ONE book.
* If you added your name to a book (or had someone else do it for you) you MUST take a book.
*If you are giving items (in a box) to your Secret Santa, let one of the Admins know and they can set you up with a locked box (and a key) under the Christmas Tree.
* You have until December 25th to build/give your gifts. They may ONLY be opened (presented) on/after Christmas.
* BE SURE TO READ INSIDE of the book you get. Some people signed books for others so the signed name, may not be the name of your Secret Santa.
* If you put someone else’s name into a book, it is your responsibility to make sure that person knows they need to log on and collect a name from the tree. If they do not, you will need to take an extra book.
* Please check the IGN doc to make sure your IGN is listed so everyone knows who their Secret Santa is. (Added by request of Mrs. Hope) 


Don’t forget to download the community’s favorite Christmas Texture pack:
XmasBDcraft 2014 from Sphax!

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