The Game Rules have changed!

Just a friendly reminder, Keep Inventory is now OFF and Mob Griefing is back ON!

dont die

We have been testing Spigot on the NuNu server for the past week. There were several corrections to command blocks made to avoid spawning in the floor or walls nearby. To avoid any loss of inventory during that time we enabled Keep Inventory for your convenience. We also noticed that Spigot allowed the mobs to actually be more aggressive,¬†which they hadn’t been up until this point despite the raised difficulty, so we disabled Mob Griefing to give you all a chance to become more acclimated with them.

All the issues that were reported to us have been resolved so we have decided to put those game rules back to their original settings. Remember. NuNu has increased ore generation, but that comes with a higher level of risk. So enjoy the new difficulty and the diamonds, just play safe because the admins will not be replacing lost items.

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