Welcome to Some Awesome Minecraft’s newest original survival map challenge: Shipwrecked!


Now that you have gone down with your ship, you just might survive on the ocean floor. Your ship, & its remaining cargo, has come to rest near a colorful reef where you might find some useful supplies. Underground you are sure to find many resources to aid in your survival.

You are the Captain, locked in your cabin as your ship sank to the ocean floor.

You are the Captain, locked in your cabin as your ship sank to the ocean floor.

Listed below you will find the building, crafting, & collection challenges needed to setup your new undersea home.
You will have 2 weeks to complete the challenge, however there are prizes for the 3 individuals or teams who finish first! Read to the bottom to see your Bonus & Build challenge options.  Challenge runs: February 27th through March 13th.


~There are 25 ‘maps’ setup, with 1 to 3 people allowed per map/team.

~You will find a map in your starter chest of the *original layout* of your area. However, this map is not actually of your area, or it would only show water. It will not reflect any changes you make to your play area.

Generic Map for reference

Generic Map for reference

~There is no lava in this world. However, there is still gravel, so you’ll still want to avoid digging straight up.

~There are 4 mob spawners in each map space. They start off lit up to prevent mobs spawning & building-up before you uncover them. Each holds special blocks & items that you will need to complete your challenge.


The 4 spawners & the special blocks they hold.

~When you find your special blocks (grass, mycelium, snow, & glowstone) be careful not to turn them to dirt or destroy them.

~Keep Inventory is Off.

~There are no Command Blocks (CBs) from your map back to Spawn.

~Any kids wishing to participate, must be teamed up with an adult.



~Do Not alter anything at the Spawn & CB islands. No breaking blocks, bushes, leaves, torches, etc. Anything at spawn, belongs at spawn only.

Spawn Islands (aka a near death experience)

Spawn Islands
(aka a near death experience)

~ALWAYS keep your mob spawners lit up when you are not actively killing the mobs in them (the ones included, as well as any you may create). This will help prevent lag from mobs building-up, as well as allowing other teams to get their mobs to spawn when they need them. Leaving your mob spawners running constantly without standing there actively killing them creates frustration for the other players & will usually have to be dealt with by the admins.

~No Trading with other teams. Each team needs to complete their list on their own.

~Do Not go to the water’s surface. Do not place blocks, or otherwise alter, the water’s surface (or the ice on top of it).

~Do Not alter, enter, or mess with any other players’ or teams’ stuff.  The world is setup so that players only have access to their own maps from Spawn. You shouldn’t be able to get to another players’/teams’ place, so please don’t try.

**Breaking any of the above rules will disqualify you and get you removed from the challenge map’s whitelist.



Build Challenge: 
These need to be built above ground level, out in the open and  underwater. Use your creativity to build your new underwater home. Your ship can be taken apart for the resources, but cannot be used as your new home, you need to build a new one. (Hmm… where underwater could you find a block that would aid in water removal?) 

~House: must include at least one of each of these rooms: -Kitchen -Living Room -Bed room -Bathroom

~Enchanting Room: with a minimum of 10 bookshelves  (can be included in the house, or separate)

~5 Snow Golems: make some new friends! Just keep them protected from the water.

***Everything else can be included above or below ground level, but completely underwater. ***

Farms & Crops:
Notice: Auto farms of any kind are not permitted. These farms need to be established when submitting completion photos. 

~Melon Farm: collect 64 melon blocks
~Pumpkin Farm: collect 64 pumpkins
~Sugar Cane Farm: collect 64 sugar cane
~Wheat Farm: collect 64 wheat
~Carrot Farm: collect 64 carrots
~Potato Farm: collect 64 potatoes
~Cocoa Bean Farm: collect 64 cocoa beans
~Netherwart Farm: collect 64 netherwart
~Cactus Farm: collect 64 cactus
~Mushroom Farm: collect 32 red & 32 brown mushrooms
~Vine Farm: collect 64 vines
~Flower Farm: collect 64 each of the double tall flowers: peony, sunflower, rose, & lilac
~Tree Farm: have planted a minimum 1 of every type of tree (oak, birch, spruce, jungle, dark oak, & acacia)

Animals & Animal Drops: 
Notice: Animals are limited to 2 of each type in your maps unless you are actively breeding them for food or resources*. When you log off the challenge map, be sure to keep your numbers to 2 of each type. Meaning only 2 sheep, NOT 2 of each color of sheep.
**WARNING: If you are not online & your animals exceed this limit, they will all be killed.
*While breeding, you must remain near the animals so we know you are working them. Please keep your maximum amount of animals “reasonable”. Remember that the server will probably be full of players trying to breed their own animals & it all adds to the lag.

~Have 2 Cows: collect 32 leather
~Have 2 Chickens: collect 32 feathers & 16 eggs
~Have 2 Rabbits: collect 32 rabbit hide
~Have 2 Pigs
~Have 2 Sheep

Food Stores: 

~Make 1 cake
~Make 32 bread
~Make 9 mushroom stew
~Make 32 baked potatoes
~Make 32 pumpkin pies
~Make 3 rabbit stew
~Cook 32 chicken
~Cook 32 steak
~Cook 32 fish (any combination of cooked fish types)
~Cook 32 rabbit
~Cook 32 lamb chops

Crafting Challenges: 

~Bed (1 per person on your map)
~64 torches
~Crafting Table
~Brewing Stand
~32 Jack-0-lanterns
~16 Paintings
~4 Maps (Empty)
~16 Bookshelves
~64 Glass
~36 Glass Panes
~16 Tripwire Hooks
~16 Levers
~16 Trapdoors
~16 Armor Stands
~64 Stone Slabs
~64 Stone Brick Stairs
~64 Polished Granite
~64 Polished Andesite
~64 Polished Diorite
~64 Mossy Stone Brick
~64 Cracked Stone Brick
~64 Chiseled Stone Brick
~64 Smooth Sandstone
~64 Chiseled Sandstone
~1 Full set of Diamond Armor: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, & Boots *per person on the team
~1 Full set of Diamond Tools: Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel *per person on the team


Dyed Materials: 
All 16 dye colors are available: white, light grey, grey, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, & pink.

~16 of each color of Wool
~16 of each color of stained Glass
~8 of each color of stained Clay
~Design 1 team banner (not blank)

Mob Collection & Challenge: 
Notice: Light up your spawners/spawn rooms to stop the mobs from spawning when you are not actively standing at your spawner to kill them. 

~64 Spider Eyes
~64 String
~64 Rotten Flesh
~64 Bones
~64 Arrows
~32 Blaze Rods
~9 Bows
~8 Ender Pearls
~1 Eye of Ender
~Capture 1 Zombie Villager & cure him. *Do Not cure more than 1 villager per map/team.*

Redstone Mechanics: 
Notice: To help reduce lag, please do not build any redstone contraptions on the map. 

~Collect 64 Redstone Dust
~Craft 32 Redstone Torches
~Craft 16 Dispensers
~Craft 16 Redstone Repeaters
~Craft 8 Pistons
~Craft 8 Redstone Lamps

Potion Brewing: 
Notice: You have access to materials to make extended, thick, & splash potions. Any version of the following will count. 

~3 Speed/Swiftness Potions
~3 Instant Health/Healing Potions
~3 Water Breathing Potions
~3 Night Vision Potions
~3 Poison Potions
~3 Instant Damage/Harming Potions
~3 Slowness Potions
~3 Weakness Potions

These are in addition to the main challenge & are not required to complete the main challenge criteria. An individual can complete these, even if the rest of their team does not, & that individual will receive the rewards. 

~Complete a “Survivor’s Log” written book – detailing your story of survival and rebuilding your life underwater *per person
~Collect & Craft Fully Repaired sets of the following types of armors *per person: Leather, Gold, Iron, & Chain mail
~Collect all 6 Sponge Blocks on the map (& do not lose them).
~Collect 64 of each type of logs (oak, birch, spruce, jungle, dark oak, & acacia)
~Brew 3 Leaping/Jump Boost Potions *per person

Do you have the best new underwater home? 
You have the entire contest period to complete this bonus part of the challenge. Submit a photo collage of your above ground/underwater home to the admins for them to add to the Best Build Challenge group photo album. Voting will begin after the 2-week challenge is over. The build with the most “Likes” on their photo will receive a special prize.

Your underwater beginnings.

Your underwater beginnings.


1st Place:
“I Survived Shipwrecked!” t-shirt (for each person on team)
100 team points (for each person on team)
1 item of choice from admins (for each person on team)

"I Survived Shipwrecked" custom t-shirts. (multiple sizes & colors available)

“I Survived Shipwrecked” custom t-shirts.

2nd Place:
$30 steam game credit from our steam selection (divided amongst team)
50 team points (for each person on team)
3rd Place:
25 team points (for each person on team)

BONUS Challenge (for each individual who completes it):
Choice of 1 of the following *custom* horses: Skeleton or Zombie Horse
25 team points

Best Build Bonus Winner:
50 team points (for each person on team)
1 item of choice from admins (for each person on team)

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