The NEW Birthday EXPerience!

One of the nice things we admins like to do for the players is recognize your birthdays. All you have to do is add your birthday in the comment section of our Birthday Doc in the group and on your special day the admins will gift you 30 levels of XP points along with one in-game item from the creative menu.

What we used to do was leave a gift box at your house for you to find the next time you logged on, but we were finding it hard to locate some command blocks, or found that some people just didn’t have one yet. So to make things easier we’re happy to announce that the new Birthday Celebration area is now OPEN!




You can find the Birthday Celebration display in the picnic area off the West Exit of the Command Tower (near the community garden). How it works is, this Mini Cake building in the center houses 6 separate and personalized command blocks for anyone having a birthday that day.


On your birthday, enter the building and press the button for the command block with the sign with YOUR name on it (please do not press anyone else’s). You will be teleported to one of our celebration rooms where your gifts will be waiting. Use the exit command block to go back to the picnic area.


Gifts will only be held for 30 days or until the space is needed. You do not have to cash in your birthday books right away if you prefer to save the XP for a later time. Just don’t lose your book (they will not be replaced).

Feel free to use the picnic area to host birthday parties or other celebrations of your own! And as always…



NOTE: In group birthday shout outs are for anyone, but gifts are only available on PC. Sorry console players, we admins have no power off our servers. If you add your birthday to our doc, please note if you are only available on xbox, ps, or pocket editions.

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