NuNu Server Market

Welcome to the NuNu Server Market!
If you are interested in opening a shop on this server, please read through the following (don’t skip ahead!) so you can become a Market expert.

Market Center

Who can open a shop?

~Anyone! While everyone gets excited during the opening of the Markets, we know it can be difficult to pick what to sell, what to charge for trade, how to set it all up, and stocking up on inventory. So we suggest you take some time to figure out what you have the resources & time to provide as products or services before jumping in. Don’t worry, we have lots of space in this Market.

~Our server kids need to have an active adult player “sponsor” their shop. This means if a child wants to open a shop, they need to team up with an adult who is willing to be responsible for making sure orders are filled. The adult can be the contact for getting tagged in the Facebook group when an order is submitted. (Adults can still have their own separate shop.)


What shops can we open?

~Shops should have a specific product type, theme, or service. No catch-all, or “everything” shops.

~Shops selling the same types of products or services are allowed. However, we suggest not building too close to a competing shop.


Suggested plots are laid out.

Suggested plots are laid out.

Where do I start?

~The pre-made plots have a border of jack-o-lanterns that show a suggested size. Your shop doesn’t have to be that size or shape, but be mindful of the neighboring plots that you don’t crowd them, or block them from the paths & roads.

~There is no height or depth limit, however if you dig out a basement for your shop, please stay under your own build/shop area so there aren’t conflicts of neighboring shops’ basements. If you build tall, please do not build over the top of other shops/spaces without the owner’s or admin’s permission.

~Do not go mining under the Market.

~Please always have your shop area labeled with your IGN & real name so people know who to tag in the group regarding questions or orders. Kids’ shops should have the kids’ IGN, the adult sponsor’s IGN, & the adult sponsor’s real name for tagging (kids don’t need to provide real names).

~If for any reason you will not be able to run your shop for a period of time, please have a sign on the outside of your shop, letting others know you will not be filling orders.

Market Location Info:

Outer market wall

Outer market wall


~The Market is surrounded by a wall, 250 blocks from the center.
–  Do not build against the wall. Please leave some space and do not place any blocks directly against the wall.
–  Do not go past the wall for building or exploration. We chose a location away from most builds so that we have the option of expanding our market area if we ever need to in the future. (The Community Town is now adjacent to the Market, on the North side.)

Village Mascot

Blocked off in his own little cheering section.



~There is a village in the East side of the Market. We have every villager type available for trade. Please respect the area & be careful to close gates behind you so zombies do not gain access to the villagers.
–  There is a little village mascot blocked in next to one of the houses. Please do not disturb as he ‘fan-girls’ his villager buddies. 😉



General info:

A few other details to know about when setting up shop in the Market:

~No big redstone contraptions in the Market (auto-farms, auto-potions, etc).
Simple Redstone powered doors & lighting are okay.

~No Lava or Fire. Our forested market, and your neighboring shops, will thank you for not setting things on fire. 😉

~No Nether Portals. They would all link together & then you’d have the potential of everyone popping into your shop’s storage room.

~If you plan on selling animals or animal products of any kind, you cannot keep your animals at the market. Animal farms are best setup at homes, especially with how far out this Market is from the majority of builds on this server. Do not setup any animal pens in the market.

~Vault Access: You will be allowed a CB setup from your shop to your home or vault (& back). Each player is only allowed 1 CB setup in the market, even if you run multiple shops.

~If you plan on using the Honor System, any stock taken without payment will not be replaced by the admins.

~Pricing is up to you, but keep in mind that most players run their pricing as some sort of “fair trade”. Competing shops are allowed, to help keep the pricing reasonable.

~The Market is not 100% lit up to prevent mobs. Be careful & light up your build as you work (remember the roof).


Finally, have fun!
Get creative, have fun designing & planning out your shop!
The CB to the Market is in the basement of the Command Tower.

*Rules are subject to change by the admins as needed.

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