Happy 2nd Anniversary!

On April 6, 2013 Serverus and I opened our little private family server to our online community. We hosted it from one of our home computers and were very pleased when we would see people log on. It was slow at first, a “busy” day meant having 8 people log on, but now our whitelist contains over 500 IGNs. With the Minecraft group being one of the most interactive and engaging groups we’ve been a part of, our humble little home has become a community of Awesome!

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary we will be bringing you home! Yes friends, the “Main” server is coming back. Permanently! As if that weren’t enough we’ve decided to give you a sweet homecoming gift as well. We’re bringing back the command of the week starting with everybody’s favorite: REPAIR!

Don’t worry Nu Nu, we haven’t forgotten you! For our newer members who call Nu Nu home and are not yet familiar with Main, we want you to enjoy this milestone with us, so we’re giving you REPAIR too! For one week everyone will be able to fix your tools, armor, and weapons simply by holding them in your hand and typing the command:


into the chat. Your items will revert back to 100% durability. Take advantage while you can, it’s only temporary, but don’t worry, we’ll bring it back again…eventually 😉

New changes to the old server…

Some things to remember about Main. Mob griefing is off so creepers will not do damage when they explode, endermen won’t steal your blocks, zombies won’t break down doors, and keep inventory is on. While all of that is great, keep in mind that diamonds are rare on this server, but we still have the bank if you’d like to exchange other blocks for them.

Another point of mention is that if you previously had creative access on this server, that will no longer be available to you. We have not completely removed the possibility of it though. You may apply for creative permissions on the Main server only if you have met all of the requirements. Please send your new request to us via the Contact Form. We will need to know what project you are working on, and how long you expect the project to take. You may not request creative to tackle an ocean monument. 😉 If we grant you permission to use creative and we find that you are abusing this power disciplinary action will be taken, including and up to removal from the servers depending on the severity of the abuse.

Bringing back the Main server is a long awaited and an exciting homecoming for some players, but even if you weren’t part of our group since the beginning there is still plenty of reason to log on and visit the original birth place of our community. Visit the original market’s Tour Shop and “Oooh” and “Ahhh” at some of our amazing builds!


Welcome home everyone!

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