Growing Pains


As of today we’re at 777 members. It doesn’t seem too long ago that we were at one-tenth of that.

With any serious positive growth, there comes a time when you have to look at your approach and figure out how you can do it better. Today is one of those days.

Tonya and I have been doing this for over 2 years now. We’ve seen many players come and go. We’ve seen some admins come and go. We’ve even seen some worlds come and go. It’s kind of crazy.

For the most part, we’ve taken a step back and let the admin ladies handle all the formalities with the public-facing, day to day work. That really isn’t going to change at all, but we’ve decided to take on more specific roles so that the admins can focus more on player assistance.

So as of today, Tonya and I are rescinding our label of “Admins” and taking on the label of “Owners” instead. If you didn’t know that we were the actual server owners yet, then that’s probably a good indication that we needed to make this change.

So What Does That Mean For Us?

In a nutshell, it means that Tonya and I will be handling the duties of Conflict Resolution and Server Maintenance, respectively. If you have a technical issue or question, it’s best to bring it to me directly instead of bothering the admin ladies. If you have a complaint, then you should bring it to Tonya.

We prefer that both of these things not be asked about or made public in the group. For one thing, let’s say for example that you suspect that you were griefed, then it does you no good to post this immediately in the group. If the attack were deliberate, you will only be giving satisfaction to the griefer, and on top of that, the griefer will know that we are on to them and may change their methodology. The best approach is to let us know quietly, so we can investigate behind the scenes and avoid any misunderstandings.

If Tonya and I then decide that it is best to be presented to the group for gathering additional information, we will do so ourselves. Technically this has always been something we asked for in the server rules but we don’t really enforce it, you won’t get in trouble if you do so otherwise, the process is purely for your benefit and the group’s.

How Will the Admins’ Responsibilities Change?

For the most part, they won’t. The admins will still be keeping an eye on things, and helping out players. This new system helps us with internal processes and keeps redundancies down. If you ask an admin for something that should be asked of either Tonya or myself, they will direct you to do so.

Despite the fact that our admin team has doubled in the last year, this means that a shotgun approach to all duties is much less effective. With these new procedures in place, we can reduce the time devoted to non-emergency functions, which helps us focus more on your gameplay experience.

So How Should I Get In Touch With You?

Feel free to use the contact form on this site if you’d like to reach us, or you can send us a PM at the following pages:

Christopher Morris (Serverus)
Tonya Morris (ToRiMiLi)

Please make sure that these messages are for legitimate technical issues, lag questions, or player complaints. Assistance for things like command blocks, shops, sorting, Toad Hut, etc are still admin duties. If you have any questions about these policies you can also reach out to us for clarification.

– Serverus

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