Birthday Backpacks!

It happens to us all, you’re mining along and come across a huge vein of diamonds, but your inventory is full. Now you have to decide what to throw away all the while wishing you had extra inventory space. Occasionally you get a taste of it when our Command of the Week is Enderchest (/ec), but that only lasts a week. IF ONLY THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY!!

Well, now there is…

Introducing, new to our Main and NuNu servers: Backpacks! This is not an actual item to carry in your inventory, one that you could easily lose when you run into a creeper on NuNu. Type the command /backpack into the chat to open up your own personal backpack space! Store items inside to keep them safe in case of death where there is no keep inventory enabled.

Hold up though… we’re not just giving them away all willy nilly. Sorry kids, it’s not THAT easy! Backpacks will now be added as one of your birthday gifts. For those active players who have logged on to the server(s) at least within the past 30 days, on your birthday you will have backpack access and we’re making them retroactive for all of our April birthdays.


Small Backpack

Birthday backpacks start out small, with only one row, but can be upgraded to a maximum of six rows (the size of a double chest).


Extra Large (max size)

If you haven’t had your birthday yet, or it was before April, don’t worry. Backpacks will also be available as prizes for contests, giveaways, and game nights. If you already have a backpack and you win another you may redeem it on the other server or choose to add another row to the one you currently hold. An extra row will also be added on subsequent birthdays until your backpacks are at max size.

By default all backpacks will be given to you on the NuNu server, so if you play more on Main, just let an admin know and we can set you up there instead.

Enjoy the new feature!

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