Beep, Beep! Welcome to the Magic School Bus!

“Please let this be a normal field trip!”  Well anything on our server is never close to normal so sorry to disappoint, but it will not!

Those familiar with Hogwarts on Main know how useful it can be to have a crafting recipe resource in game.  It is a great place to send the little ones on the server when they are asking, “How do I … ?”.  It is time to bring that resource over onto NuNu as we prepare for summer and get ready for MiniBuilders (more information on that coming soon!).

So introducing the first of our fun community builds this summer, The Magic School Bus!  Get ready to take some adventurous field trips and make some great builds together. This build is for all to participate in, big and small.

To start, we need a bus! We have provided a bus blueprint for you guys to follow. All materials will be community provided.  To get started, head on down to the community CB room in the basement of the command tower. You will be TP-ed to the build shed where we can start gathering and sharing resources to get the bus up and running for it’s first adventure.

Please be sure to sign the participant wall when you come on down. There is nothing in the build shed right now except for a CB so come with your inventory full of materials to share.  We can’t wait to see this project come together! Beep, beep!



There are a few aesthetic items left to do on the school bus “to do” list however here is the first major update to the project: Creating the knowledge we can learn at the bus! The bus will be a place where we will be able to create field trips for those that are learning about Minecraft or need a reminder about how to do something.  To start, we are going to have the basic recipes and manufactured recipes at the bus. For the most part, the rest of the recipes will be a field trip away (to help with possible item frame lag). So let’s get started! The area for basic and manufactured have been started and are ready to go.

If you have a question on what recipe belongs where, here is the start of a list:

Basic Recipes

  1. Stick
  2. Chest
  3. Wood Plank
  4. Torch
  5. Crafting Table
  6. Furnace

Manufactured Recipes

  1. Wood Items
      1. Stairs
      2. Slabs
      3. Fences
      4. Fence Gates
      5. Doors
      6. Ladder
      7. Sign
  2. Bookshelf
  3. Cobblestone Items
  4. Stone Items

We will be organizing the items in a different way than in Hogwarts as they will be organized around field trips! So for example, a field trip to a flower forest could cover dyes, flower pots, and clay items.  We will keep you posted on more of these as we organize them!

Be sure to be as descriptive as you want with signs around the recipe. In addition, leave a little space if possible for room for growth as we never know what Mojang is going to throw our way!

Happy crafting!



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