MiniBuilders – A History

Mini buildersOne of the most important parts are the littlest ones in our community, the kids! With that in mind, Mini Builders was created in late 2013. The first build challenge was a way to make the Mini Builders area on main a place of their own, by building houses on a 20×20 plot.


After working on the outside of houses, the second challenge stepped inside for an interior design challenge. For this new challenge, the kids competed in age groups 5-10 and 11-16 as they decorated hotel rooms in the grand Mini Builder Hotel.

MB's Hotel Challenge 2

The third challenge ushered in the holiday season with a Holiday challenge. We saw some really creative holiday builds like a snowman, Christmas tree, candy canes and Santa Hat houses.


The fourth challenge was a team challenge. The red team and the blue team competed for a farming challenge. The teams had to build a farm and simply farm as much as the other team to win!


The fifth challenge brought some fun life to the Mini Builders area with the creation of the mini market. Each mini builder built a shop on a 15×15 plot.  The kids got really creative and made stone, cake and many other shops. 2015-06-10_21.02.39Following the build of the market, the mini builders took on the water with a boat challenge. As usual, there were some really creative builds and lucky for the kids, all the boats float!

As mini builders started warming up, we took a step forward on educating the children on Minecraft and created the Hogwarts School of Mining and Crafting. It is a “must visit” on Main if you have never seen it. Besides being a totally awesome build, it is a central location for everyone on the server, old and young, to visit as a reminder or learning for the first time, all the recipes that make all the things in Minecraft.

Check out this awesome video summing up Mini Builders:

A few fun mini game builds popped up in the Mini Builders area as well as a vault for the kids to store their items.  Mini Builders also opened up to everyone on the server. Last summer, we invited the mini builders to a Summer Sandbox Challenge.  With limited resources, each child had to be extra creative with what they built and they did not disappoint!

2015-06-10_21.13.27With NuNu, came a new challenge and a new Mini Builders area. Mini Builders 2 was born and the first challenge mirrored Main with a house challenge.

2015-06-10_21.17.53It has been a little while since we have done a Mini Builders and with summer upon us, expect a big announcement soon! We cannot wait to see what these kids can do.





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