MiniBuilders Summer 2015 – The Boat Challenge

Welcome to the Mini Builders Summer 2015! Now that June has begun, we have a fun summer planed out for little ones on the server.

If you are not familiar with Mini Builders, take a look at its history. We are proud of mini builders. It is a great way for the kids to learn more about Minecraft and about each other! These kids are pretty creative.

2015-06-15_11.24.51So welcome to the inaugural Summer 2015 Mini Builders’ Build. A boat challenge.  Similar to the previous boat challenge, each builder will pick out a boat lot and make a boat out any materials they choose. The challenge will run from June 22nd-June 30th. Here are some rules you must follow:

  1. One boat plot per child
  2. Do not tamper with another mini builder’s boat, this will disqualify you.
  3. Do not explore past the Mini Builder’s area.
  4. All materials are not supplied and must be acquired. See note below for more information.
  5. Adults may visit the Mini Builder’s area but they are NOT allowed to help.


There will be some changes for Mini Builders moving forward:

  1. There is now a Mini Builder’s vault. This vault is accessible by all.  People may donate to this vault as they see fit and all materials can be used by any Mini Builder at any time.  At no time should there be requests to fill the Mini Builder vault to anyone in the community.
  2. All materials used for challenges will be acquired supplies. This means that all materials used for challenges must be obtained from mining, collecting or chosen from the Mini Builders’ Vault. As a reminder, you may not ask for the vault to be filled. Meaning, if someone was kind enough to drop off a chest of cobblestone to the Mini Builders vault, that is wonderful. But if that chest is empty, it is now time to visit the Mini Builders’ mine!
  3. Each Mini Builder will be given their own personal vault at the Mini Builders’ Bank, Gringotts! Come on down to the Mini Builder’s area to check out this great build. Ride through the deep and dark vaults to discover the mysteries of Gringotts. You will get a vault assigned to you when you sign up for the Mini Builders’ challenge below.
  4. In addition to Gringotts, there is now a Mini Builders’ garden, tree farm and animal farm. This should help fill up those vaults and keep you well fed during the challenge.
  5. We will be having some mining parties! Join us on June 18th at 6 PM CST and June 20th at 2 PM CST to mine together and for some fun mining challenges!

So, you may be asking yourself, what do I do now? If you are a mini builder, take note of the following:

  1. Sign up for the Mini Builders’ Boat Challenge below and you will be assigned a vault.
  2. Join us for the mining parties on June 18th at 6 PM CST and June 20th at 2 PM CST.
  3. Note that the boat challenge starts on June 22nd.
  4. Start gathering supplies for the boat challenge

If you are NOT a mini builder:

  1. Join us for the mining parties and consider donating the supplies you acquired to the Mini Builder’s Vault.
  2. Consider donating any of your other excess items to the donation area, on the second floor of the Mini Builder’s building.
  3. Invite your kids or your friends or your friends’ kids to join us for our first summer challenge. Send them to the server rules to get them set up and have their kids’ sign up below.

To access the Mini Builders’ area, Take the Mini Builders’ CB from the Mini Builder’s room adjacent to the Community CB room. (It’s the colorful one)

What are the prizes for the boat challenge?

1st Place: 3 enchanted books of their choosing plus a special set of diamond armor
2nd Place: 2 enchanted book books of their choosing plus a special set of iron armor
3rd Place: 1 enchanted book of their choosing plus a special set of gold armor
Every child will get a prize for participating!

Happy Minecrafting! As a reminder, please sign up with the mini builder’s IGN below, not the adult’s. This is a challenge for the children of the server and we will use the IGN as a sign up for the vault as well so it must be case sensitive. This is a fun challenge, not a speed challenge. The number one goal is to have fun and maybe make a new friend!

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