Return of the New & Improved Toad Hut

Well it took long enough but I was finally able to drum up a proper combination of compatible plugins to bring the Toad Hut back to life. It’s been too long a wait (and Main could use some traffic).


If you’re unfamiliar with the Toad Hut, that’s too bad, because it’s a grand old time. I’m sure the vets will love to bring you up to speed on its various usage, but in a nutshell here’s the backstory.

In Super Mario Bros 3, the overworld map has a delightful little stop called the “Toad Hut”. In this cozy little mushroom house, your buddy Toad offers you a choice: Pick 1 of 3 chests. In those chests were suits, and in those suits, there was…

These “suits” would allow you to fly, swim fast, jump high, turn into stone, and other amazing 8-bit things as Mario. It was probably my favorite part of SMB3. So, naturally, I stole it and put it into Minecraft.

Now, like Mario, you too can acquire the “suits” that made the game famous:

Fire Flower

Raccoon Suit

Frog Suit

Paper_Fire_Mario 180px-Raccoon_Mario_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_Bros._3 200px-FrogMario_SMB3
Fire Flower, you were always a disappointment. Turns Mario into a flying raccoon, because raccoons are known for flying. Frog Suit, some people used it on land for no reason.

So What Does All This Mean For Me?

You now can, once a month (sometimes more often with special vouchers) choose a chest from the Toad Hut. Just grab an admin to set up the chests for you after you’ve bought your monthly voucher. It costs 50 experience¬†levels to buy a chance to get your superpower (more on this later).

Now I know you’re asking, will the Raccoon Suit REALLY turn me into a raccoon? No, not really, here’s what the powers are interpreted as on the server:

Frog Suit

Despite being the suit that I hear most people groan about when they get it, the Frog Suit is pretty darned handy. With this suit, you can breathe underwater indefinitely and use /sj to turn on SuperJump, which launches you much higher into the air than normal. If you hold it down, you’ll just keep bouncing like a Gummi Bear!

You can use /sj to turn super jump off as well, because sometimes you just want to hop (this is a new feature, you couldn’t do this before).

Fire Flower

Nothing changes with the Fire Flower, it’s still just a million times more awesome than the Mario version. As before, with this suit you:

  • Are immune to lava damage
  • Are immune to fire damage
  • Can launch fireballs

And as before, to avoid needing to type out the entire /fireball command, I’ve created a super efficient shortcut (/l) for rapid fire wizardry!

It's SO easy! ;-)

It’s SO easy! ūüėČ

Raccoon Suit

Now this is where we’re going to both elate and disappoint. I saved this one for last because you’ll either be completely psyched or kinda bummed. If you were here when Toad Hut was previously open, you know that this suit was the one everybody wanted, because it would give you:


And you’d be able to fly, no restriction,¬†for a whole month. It was ridiculous. And obviously people would be super jealous when a player would get it twice in a row, so we’ve made a couple changes to this clearly overpowered…er…power.

If you remember landing this, you know that you had to use a command block to turn¬†it¬†on, usually kept in your vault. The same thing will be true this time, only now, you will get 30 MINUTES of flight time, after which you will have to return to your block and enable it again. Don’t worry, if your time ends while you’re in the air, you won’t get hurt from the fall (not that it matters because it’s Main anyway).

I mean hey, the Raccoon suit didn’t let you fly forever, that was a P-Wing. Duh.

Secondly, to prevent people from getting the same suit twice in a row, we are introducing…A NEW SUIT!

Now I don’t know about you, but my most coveted suit in SMB3 was the Hammer Brother suit. I loved that thing. So now we’ve got one too. What does the Hammer Brother suit do? Nothing actually, but you will receive a pair of powertools (typically, the pick is called a power hammer). I’m sure there will be no complaints, as theoretically, these rewards could last much longer than a month if you treat them right (and /repair is on the agenda for COTW).

And now a few things to know that I’m sure you will ask:


1. Will this be on both servers?

No, this will only be on Main. It’s always been a part of that server’s history and honestly it’s a ghost town these days so I’d like to see some traffic on it. Main needs players, Toad Hut is a relic of Main, so it makes sense.

2. Can I pay more XP or real $$$ to get permanent flying/frog suit/damage protection,etc

Nope, it’s an equal playing field for everyone. You get what you get and you don’t have a fit.

3. How do I turn XP into vouchers?

Our very own CB magician Aurakiel has set up a vending machine for just such an occasion. She can give you more details when we announce the grand re-opening.

4. If I have a voucher and I still have time left on my previous month, can I piggyback powers?

Nope, but you can use vouchers early to take another chance and this guarantees you will not get the same power you just had.

We Can Rebuild You, We Can Make You Better, Faster, Stronger

So that’s it! We’ll be taking vouchers for the Toad Hut starting in the next few days. We’ve got a bit of training and debugging left but I’ll let you know once we’re ready to start powering you up!

– Serverus

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