Summon the Wither


Come join us as we open the Wither Summoning Room on the NuNu server!
(A room made of bedrock to minimize the destruction the Wither will cause.)

We will have supplies available for all who attend to summon their own Wither Boss & combat it for the chance to get your Nether Star drop!

Start gearing up & prepare your XP for the chance of death. 😉 Make sure all your achievements are unlocked & caught up to get the Wither Achievements: The Beginning? & The Beginning.

**Reminder: if you are making beacons afterward, please keep them spaced to no less than 100 blocks apart & preferably only 1 active beacon per player.

Time Zone Conversion:
1:30 am GMT (sorry)
9:30 pm EDT
8:30 pm CDT
7:30 pm MDT
6:30 pm PDT

Check out group photos:

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