Extra Life 2015: Skyblock Challenge

Every year our community participates in a charity event known as Extra Life which is a 24 hour gaming marathon to help raise money for the care and support of sick children in hospitals within the Children’s Miracle Network.

Since 2013, we have hosted creative theme builds for the community to work on during the event. Together we have built an Amusement Park, and a Mini City project as we raised money for charity.

This year however, we’ve decided to change things up a bit. Nothing excites this group more than a challenge map, and we all have one community favorite in particular that we keep coming back to. That of course is Skyblock.

If you’ve never played Skyblock before, it is a small floating island above a void with limited supplies to get you started. Playing by yourself or as a team you must transform your tiny little dirt block into a livable island.


Here’s the thing though, previous challenges have gone on as long as two weeks, but this is Extra Life so this one is special. This map will only be available for the 24 hour event! The list of challenges is long so some of you may be sweating that detail (/me raises hand) while others are thinking “oh good, I’ll have time to build two”. Either way we can’t think of a better way to devote an entire day towards gaming than with a little friendly competition, and what better game than Minecraft and what better map than Skyblock?


For those of you who may be intimidated by the idea of this map, I encourage you to try it. Even if you aren’t playing to win, the map is so much more than just beating your neighbors. If you think building on the server is rewarding, wait until you see what you have created from virtually nothing. It is so much fun to challenge yourself (and you’ll never appreciate cobblestone more). So please, step outside your comfort zone and join us on November 7th at 8 o’clock AM Eastern Time as we play together and raise some money for this amazing charity!


Rules and Other Important Details:

Welcome to Extra life 2015: Skyblock Challenge! We have created a custom Skyblock map for you, but this isn’t a map you’ve played before, and some of the game rules have changed so pay attention. One change you’ll notice right away is that your cobblestone generators have already been set up for you. Nearly everyone who has attempted to make one for the first time has without fail, turned their lava into obsidian. We’ve allowed one “Get Out of Jail Free” card and replaced it for the teams once, but this time we just decided to make it easier on everyone and set you up. Another big game change is that there are no command blocks back to the main hub. The only way back to spawn is if you die but since keep Inventory will be OFF we wouldn’t recommend it. You may think that would make this map Mission Impossible considering how easy it is to die with valuable items on you, but we have a gift. Each individual island has it’s own XP shop with a very special villager inside who is willing to sell you valuable “lost” items that otherwise may have knocked you out of the competition. See, we love you 😉


This villager is special indeed as he will not be accepting your stack of cobblestone (as if you’d be willing to give that up anyway). Instead he only accepts a very special “Life Crystal” that can only be obtained through experience OR (this is the best part) in the spirit of the charity we are doing this all for, by donating to the group’s Extra Life donation page! For every $1 dollar donation you pledge you will receive 1 precious Life Crystal to trade with your villager. Did you lose your bucket? Step on a seedling? Your tree didn’t drop a sapling? Dug up all your grass? Your villager has them and more, but they won’t be cheap. The team is trying to raise $3,000 this year (our biggest goal yet) and every dollar you donate to the group donation page goes straight towards the team goal, and 100% of that goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There can not be a better way to turn a day of fun and a few bucks into a good cause.


  • Teams can be 1-3 players.
  • Do not purposely jump off the island to regenerate your health.
  • Do not attempt to make a bridge to the Island Hub, neighboring islands, or map edge. Each individual island is roughly 2,000 minecraft blocks away from the other. If you are found attempting to bridge islands or the other two areas stated you will be disqualified and removed from the whitelist.
  • Your island may extend up to 100 blocks out from the bedrock block marking the center in any of the 4 compass point directions. You are not restricted as far as height is concerned.


  • Anvils and enchanting tables will not be provided for you. You can purchase both, as well as a brewstand, from your villager for 3 Life Crystals a piece.
  • KeepInventory is set to false so you will lose your xp when you die so be careful and use “shift”!
  • A pair of each animals spawn eggs are available in the chests provided for you, but if you should lose them you may purchase extra from your villager for 5 Life Crystals a piece.
  • If your tree fails to produce saplings the admins will not give you saplings. You may purchase them from your villager **Helpful tip** Natural leaf decay seems to increase your odds of receiving saplings. A little patience goes a long way.
  • If you lose the sand, gravel, or cacti from your sand islands the admins will not replace them. You may purchase replacement blocks from your villager **Helpful tip** Approaching the sand islands from below is the safest option.
  • There will be no nether on this map. Do not attempt to create a portal or you will be disqualified and removed from the whitelist.
  • If for any reason you lose your snow blocks they will not be replaced by the admins. You may purchase replacement blocks from your villager.

Important Note: Your XP shop command black is preset to teleport you back to a specific coordinate. Be sure to leave a block or create a safe spawn area to teleport back to once you start moving your island around.

Challenge Goals:

Build Challenges

  • Build a house ~ Housing Requirements~ Your home must have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Homes must be furnished. You must provide a bed and bedroom for every member of your team.
  • An infinite water source
  • A small pond
  • A mob box/dropper

Farms/Crops **NOTICE** Auto farms, using redstone, are not permitted.

  • Melon farm – Collect 64 Melons slices
  • Pumpkin farm – Collect 64 Pumpkins
  • Sugarcane farm – Collect 64 Sugarcane
  • Wheat farm – Collect 64 Wheat
  • Carrot farm – Collect 64 Carrots
  • Potato farm – Collect 64 Potatoes
  • Cactus farm – Collect 64 Cactus
  • Tree farm – at least 1 of each of the 6 tree types planted
  • Collect 64 Red Mushrooms
  • Collect 64 Brown Mushrooms

Food Stores:

  • 32 Bread
  • 10 Mushroom Stew
  • 32 Baked Potatoes
  • 64 cooked fish (any type)
  • 32 Pumpkin Pie
  • 10 Rabbit Stew


  • 5 Snow Golems
  • 1 bed per team member
  • 64 torches
  • 1 furnace
  • 1 crafting table
  • 32 jack o’lanterns
  • 16 paintings
  • 16 item frames
  • 64 snow blocks
  • 32 mossy cobblestone
  • 32 cobblestone stairs
  • 32 cobblestone slabs
  • 32 stone bricks
  • 32 mossy stone bricks
  • 32 cracked stone bricks
  • 32 stone slabs
  • 4 stone pressure plates
  • 4 wooden pressure plates
  • 16 signs
  • 32 ladders
  • 32 fences
  • 16 fence gates
  • 32 Acacia stairs
  • 32 Acacia slabs
  • 32 Birch stairs
  • 32 Birch slabs
  • 32 Dark Oak stairs
  • 32 Dark Oak slabs
  • 32 Jungle stairs
  • 32 Jungle slabs
  • 32 Oak stairs
  • 32 Oak slabs
  • 32 Spruce stairs
  • 32 Spruce slabs
  • 8 trap doors
  • 8 levers
  • 15 bookcases
  • 64 fireworks (must have 4 different types)

Mob Collection:

  • 64 spider eyes
  • 64 string
  • 16 ender pearls
  • 64 rotten flesh
  • 5 iron ingots
  • 5 golden nuggets
  • 64 bones
  • 64 arrows
  • 1 bow per team member (100% durability)
  • 64 gun powder
  • 16 glowstone dust
  • 16 redstone dust
  • 64 sugar

8 dyes of the following colors: black, gray, light gray, cactus green, lime, yellow, orange, red, pink, white
8 wool of the following colors: black, gray, light gray, cactus green, lime, yellow, orange, red, pink, white

Brewing: **NOTICE** Any version of the potions listed is fine.

  • 1 potions of swiftness
  • 1 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potions of poison
  • 1 potions of weakness
  • 1 potions of slowness


  • 8 redstone torches
  • 2 dispensers
  • 2 redstone repeaters
  • 2 pistons

To receive the Bonus Prize, all challenges listed below must be complete

Cure a zombie villager and name him (Bonus Team Challenge)
Craft a full set of iron tools (Full set includes: a pickaxe, a shovel, axe, and sword) (Per Team Member)
Have a full set of the follow sets of armor with 100% durability: iron, gold, and chain mail. (Per Team Member)

1st Place: 1 set of extra command blocks on either Main or NuNu server, a set of enchanted power tools, 2 row backpack, 50 xp per team member
2nd Place: set of enchanted power tools, 2 row backpack, 30xp per team member
3rd Place: Choice of power pick or shovel, 1 row backpack, 10xp per team member

Bonus Prize: extra set of command blocks on either Main or NuNu server

Top Donator: 1 set of extra command blocks on either Main or NuNu server, a set of enchanted power tools, 2 row backpack, 50 xp

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