NuNu Team Changes

It’s a New Year, and we have a new update for our NuNu Server Teams. The Sorting Hat leads to a more relaxed & fun experience in 2016.
What are these Teams?

For our newer members who have been wondering why other players’ names are colorful in the player list, we’d like to introduce you to our Sorting Hat.




Yes, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, that name will sound familiar. Last year we took the concept of the sorting hat & Hogwarts houses to create Admin-led teams on the server. We focused on earning points, in a competition to beat the other teams. However over time we found the need for constant point-earning opportunities to be more of a chore & burden on the team captains & admins than initially anticipated. The team projects, member participation, & points dwindled, but the teams and the camaraderie between players continued.


What are the new changes?

Not a whole lot from what has been happening in the last few months, but we wanted to officially change the focus.




Points no longer exist.

The competition of point earning was fun for a while, but also sparked plenty of team versus team banter that occasionally went a little far. Keeping the teams more for fun & even cooperative in nature will help us maintain our awesome community spirit.


Teams no longer have Captains.

Admins are still assigned to their teams, but are mostly there to oversee & be a point of contact & approval for projects. They will no longer be trying to come up with monthly projects or members of the month, unless they have a specific idea & availability to do so. Players are welcome to come up with project ideas for their team, or even the whole community, to submit to the admins. Projects are not required & there is no requirement of participation for team members. If you want to join in the fun, feel free!
Please Remember: if a project idea would be a big change to the server/community (especially if it’s in community space)- it needs to have Admin Approval before anything is done. We understand there are a lot of exciting & fun project ideas out there, but please know that the admins hash out every detail together before deciding if a project will be feasible for the community & server as a whole. Those following the adage “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” may be facing a harsh reality of having to undo their project if it’s not something the admins would approve. Asking first will save time & resources. 

Here are your Admins:









Akumo & MandaLin


Do I have to be sorted on a team?

No. If you do not wish to participate with the teams, or to be sorted, that is completely fine. These are voluntary & we want them to be fun. We see it as a bonus way of getting to know players that you may not regularly spend time with. However participation is not required.


How do I get sorted on a team?

Contact an admin (via in-game chat, or tag in the group) and one of us will get you sorted. The sorting is random; you don’t get to choose which team you join.

If you have a child who would like to join a team, we make an exception for young kids (especially 12 & under) that they can be automatically added to the same team as their parent(s) or guardian.


Is there any way I can get off the team I’m on?

Yes. We now have an “Opt Out” option! We know that there was a lot of hype & excitement over the teams & a lot of players were encouraging each other to quickly get sorted. If you have since decided that the Teams aren’t for you, please contact an admin & they will add you to the Opt Out list & remove you from your team. (Your name will again turn to white in the player list.)




If I’ve opted out, but want back on the teams later, can I get re-sorted?

You will be welcomed back to your original team, but we will not be re-sorting you to a different one. The decision of the sorting hat is final.


After I’ve joined a team, how do I know what my team is doing?

We have groups for each team!

Click Here if you’re on Pink Team.

Click Here if you’re on Cyan Team.

Click Here if you’re on Purple Team.


We hope you continue to enjoy this fun team system! Let us know if there are any other questions or clarifications that we can discuss or add to this list.

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