Easter “Egg” Hunt 2016

Here at Some Awesome Minecraft, we like to do things a little different for our Easter celebrations. While we still decorate for the holiday with cute bunnies, chicks, and pastel colors, our Easter “Egg” Hunt is rather special.

Join us Saturday, March 26th @ 2:30pm EDT on the Main Server for our annual “Easter Egg” Head hunt!
(Time zone conversions: 11:30am PDT / 12:30pm MDT / 1:30pm CDT / 2:30pm EDT / 6:30pm UK) 

The Colosseum is currently closed, but will re-open at the time of the Event.

The admins will be hiding a variety of player & decorative heads around the Colosseum for you to hunt down & collect.
Keep an eye out for these 3 *special* heads:


Whoever finds either the ToRiMiLi, Serverus, or the SomeAwesome head will get a special prize book that they can turn in for 35 XP Levels!   (Each *of these 3* heads will earn a prize separately, you do not need the full set.) There is only 1 of each of these heads hidden, so show an admin when you find it to receive your prize book! (Only 1 prize will be awarded per head – whoever finds it first gets the prize.)

Holiday Areas Now Open! 

NuNu Holiday Area

NuNu Holiday Area

As always, our Holiday areas will be open throughout the weekend, with fun & souvenirs including some “Easter Egg” heads, especially if you cannot make it to our official head hunt.


Easter “Eggs”

Our Easter Villages have these and more fun themed items for trade. Bring your wool, cobble, & emeralds when you come for a visit.



On NuNu, we also have an adorable map to add to your collection:



Thanks everyone for helping us make Some Awesome Minecraft the best servers ever! 😉

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