May the Fourth 2016: Ship Crashed!

May the Force be with you!

Please join in the festivities and build with us on Some Awesome Minecraft! We celebrate this worldwide day of 2016-04-15_18.21.21the ever-loved Star Wars story that brings us together.

On the Main server, we will be opening up a Crash Site. You can build your favorite Star Wars ship!

To join in the building, head to Rebel Base Command which you can get to from the basement of the new CT. Head to the right and take the CB to Shipcrash.
You will port inside the Death Star, go outside and please mark the area you need to build your ship as you imagine it has crashed into the desert.

Materials will not be supplied. If you have leftovers or would like to supply materials for the builds, there is a storage floor in the top of the Death Star. You can access this room by the elevator.

Whatever ships you decided on, whether you build alone or with a partner, please stay within the Star Wars theme. (Please no pixel art at the crash site.)2016-04-15_18.20.06


We also have some other Star Wars themed builds like Mos Eisley and the Rebel Command Base where all the Star Wars builds on the server are linked. There are Some Awesome builds there that you must see!

Don’t forget to check out and try to beat the Jedi Temple! Do you have what it takes to be a Jedi?

May the Fourth be with you!

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