New Partners!

If there’s one thing we love here it’s Minecraft, and the best part about playing on a server is all the new people you meet while online. One of my favorite things is when we get people who are new to Minecraft or kids learning to play in multiplayer community. I love experiencing it for the first time with them, and remembering how exciting the game is from the start.

What this group has been lacking is a way to meet these new players so we’ve decided to team up with our friends Elyntia (Jennifer Tame) and Sarindre (Trey Randall) who run the page Geeks and Geeklets for parents, gamers, and geeks just like us! Check them out, and don’t forget to give their FACEBOOK page a LIKE. Let them know we sent you.


With that, Elyntia will be joining us as our newest admin! Be sure to welcome her to the team, and show all of our new friends from Geeks & Geeklets how truly awesome our servers are!


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