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Welcome to Featured Builds, a new segment where we will feature a different build on one or both servers. This edition will feature the SAMC Banks and their amenities.

bank collage

You may have seen our extravagant bank on Main, but if you haven’t visited it recently you’re in for a surprise! It’s had a bit of a remodel and a few new added features.

Do you have too many iron ingots but what you really need are diamonds? Visit the Bank Teller ToRiMiLi who will be happy to assist you with ore exchanges. Dancingn27 will be delighted to assist you with your emerald needs, and Akumo will gladly trade you for some rare blocks including sponges!


Serverus has some unique trades for you requiring special tokens that you can only acquire from our XP shops. Through him you can buy rare items such as the Elytra, the Dragon Head, Dragon’s breath, and a new one…Dragon Eggs!

Rare Tokens: 25 XP levels
Treasure Tokens: 50 XP Levels

Note: You will also need Purpur blocks for trades with Serverus

dragon eggs

You will also notice that the vault has been reopened. Inside you will find the new XP shop where you my purchase the tokens needed for Serverus. No more unnecessary travel to three different locations in order to complete your transaction. Enchanted books will still be available at the original XP Shop, but Rare Item and Treasure Tokens can now be bought inside the bank as well.  You’re welcome!


Now those are all features we’ve already seen in the bank on Main, but what we haven’t had here until now are our Armor and Tools exchanges. We had such a positive reaction from this feature on NuNu so we’ve brought it over to the bank on Main as well. Visit one of our four new bank staff members, Elyntia, WickedCake, _Ayana_, and JP_Zilla who will be happy to trade in all those mob armor drops and old tools that have been building up that you have no idea what to do with. If you can hold out for /repair you get even more value for your trade-ins as all trades must be at 100% durability.

armor exchange

The bank on NuNu features the armor and tool trades only since ores aren’t nearly as rare over there. It is located in the Market down the East road. Just go through the village and over the bridge to find it. Rare and Treasure Tokens may also be purchased in the bank there on the lower level. Just take the stairs located next to Serverus. You will also find that he has added Dragon Eggs to his list of purchasable items on NuNu as well.

Rare Tokens: 25 XP levels
Treasure Tokens: 50 XP Levels

Note: You will also need Purpur blocks for trades with Serverus


Please enjoy, and by all means take advantage of this wonderful feature available to you on the servers.

If you have any suggestions for useful features or builds, feel free to submit them to us through our contact form.

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