Chinese New Year 2017


Here is a holiday we haven’t celebrated on the server yet, Chinese New Year! The year of the Rooster!

Saturday, January 28th marks the Chinese new year. Come celebrate with us in Minecraft style. As tradition states, we will begin the celebration on Friday, January 27th (New Year’s Eve) by opening up the holiday area which will be open for Two Weeks to celebrate the longest holiday on the Chinese calendar.

Come check out the new display in our holiday area, complete with the customary dragon dance. Be sure to visit our Lucky Items holiday villager, ESPECIALLY if you were born during the Year of the Rooster, for everything you need to bring about good luck and fortune for the new year!

What is my Chinese zodiac?

Don’t forget to talk to villager “Elyntia” for traditional fireworks. Set off 3 smaller fireworks to “sound out” the old year, and 3 bigger ones to “sound in” the new year! The louder the fireworks, the better and luckier your upcoming year will be!

It is believed that praying in a Prayer Temple will bring about a smooth coming year.

Enjoy the traditional “Reunion Dinner” at our sushi bar. Enjoy the keepsakes!

Don’t forget to get your copy of our holiday collector’s map courtesy of our Crazy Map Ladies. They have done especially beautiful work this round! It was this map and its creator _Ayana_ who inspired the celebration of this holiday event.

Happy New Year everyone! May it be a prosperous one for all!

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