St Patrick’s Day 2017

Happy St Patrick’s Day! The one day when every one is Irish! We’ve set up the holiday area for the occasion.

We have a few special things to celebrate this holiday. First, stop by the pub for a drink and greet the first of 3 special villagers. Visit his nearby friends for other holiday goodies as well.

Don’t forget your holiday collector’s map built by KismetFoxfire of our Crazy Map Ladies

But that’s not all, take a look around some of the decor, there may be hidden treasures awaiting.

And our final surprise, drop a named coin in the Wishing Well, and on St Patrick’s Day you will find 7 Lucky Blocks in your backpack. Be careful with these Lucky blocks, some can give your great treasure, others may be a Leprechaun trick! (Unlucky blocks may cause harm or even death) We would recommend you not placing them down near any structures, animals, or populated areas.

Due to the potential for destruction we will turn off mob griefing and fire spread and turn on keep inventory for one week to allow you safe(er) detonation. After the one week is over, place at your own risk.

Happy holiday everyone! Remember to wear green to avoid being pinched!

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