Server Anniversary – Four Crazy Crafty Years

Four years is a long time in Minecraft (105,120 days to be exact). Like anything that has been around and open to the public (so to speak) for as long as this, we’ve had ups and downs, people come and go, and about 8 major version updates.

Throughout all this though, we’ve maintained the same worlds (well Nunu came later but it’s still been up a while). We’re one of the few servers on the net who have been able to keep the same world for our players for as long as we have, and believe me, there have been times when we’ve come close to wrapping one or the other up.

These servers have a lot of history, both good and bad, but that’s what makes it what it is. Some of you have been here from the very beginning and have seen us through the best and worst of times. Some of you are brand new to the server (Hi! Welcome!). And some of you have had to leave to handle the complexities of real life, only to come back months or even years later, and everything is still right there, waiting for you.

This is one reason I am so very proud of this group and this server. Because no matter what happens to you out there, you can always come back and pick up where you left off. The real world can be crazy, it’s nice to have a safe place you can count on to be here for you.

Over the last month or so, Nunu’s world grew past 20 gigabytes. Main is getting pretty close to that too. That’s pretty insane (Fragnet isn’t too happy about it either LOL) considering that all this started as just one small 1.3 family server for the LeMorris clan.

And so here is the segue into what is happening for the 4th Year Anniversary…

Anniversary Map

As per usual, tomorrow, April 6th 2017, We will be switching Main over to the Anniversary Map. This map is the first backup we ever took, approximately 16 days after we first launched to the public. You’ll see just how very different the world of Main is today, as compared to where we were almost 4 years ago. It’s pretty neat to travel back in time to see the very first days of the server.

World Guard

Also, as an anniversary present, we will be offering one free WorldGuarding of any property that you own. By WorldGuarding your property, it ensures that only you (or people who live with you) will be able to place or break blocks, plus it will notify players when they enter your property. The WorldGuarding goes from the very lowest block position, all the way up, so you don’t have to worry about people tunneling under you either.

In order to get your property eligible for WorldGuarding, it’s basically the same as we used to do for claiming land. You must have a closed-circuit, wood fence surrounding the entire area you want to have protected. This requirement is absolute, so in other words, you will not be eligible if you:

  • Use stone fencing instead of wood
  • Have any gaps in your fence
  • Ask us to “just use these 4 sets of coords”

Etc, etc. You are free to remove the fencing once we’ve added the protection if you like.

Also, please note that while we are not requiring you to make your area 100% square, it would be nice if you can keep the twists and turns to a minimum. The admins have to set a vector point every time your fence goes in a different direction, so if you decide to put together a gerrymandered-looking property, we may just tell you to go back and do it again.

One final thing, you’ll be getting /repair for the rest of the month. Enjoy!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years. We’ve learned a lot, had our share of fun and had our share of drama. But I wouldn’t change it one bit. Thanks for taking this crazy ride with us.

Here’s to another 4 (or 40) great years.

~ Serverus


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