Some Awesome Trip Into Wonderland

Sometimes, you get an idea that is so strong, and so clear in your head, it stays with you. Every time you log into Minecraft, you see the things you want to build, but not have the resources, the time, or whatever the reason it is, real life gets in the way. I nearly went mad and lost my head, completely bonkers trying to wait until I could get this out of my brain and into the game!

Last year was like that for me. I mentioned this idea to Torimili and Serverus back in January of 2016, and then went through several physical IRL moves last year, and things in my virtual happy world were shifted to the side.

January of 2017 though, I figured I was good to go for a bit, settled into this chunk of topside, and once again pitched the idea to the dynamic server deities who make our lives perpetually [even if only virtually so!] happy and fulfilled.

Elyntia and I wandered off in search of some fun potential places to start this epic lil undertaking, and after I had logged for the night, she had come across a place that she figured might be perfect. I logged in the next day to see my very own monument. *squeal* Yes, I have been on NuNu since DAY ONE, and have memories galore of times, events, places, players, etc. I’ve helped three people with their monuments, never to claim one as my own though.

So I did it. I claimed the monument, and the moment I had planted that flag (okay, it was a sign with clumsypixie typed on it!), a surge of adrenaline filled me. THIS IS THE PLACE. THIS… this monument, was going to be so so much more.

Torimili, Elyntia, and myself (all in survival mode) decided to have our fun and cleaned out the monument over the course of a weekend (technically we started on a Thursday evening, but it was done by the Sunday night). We laughed. We had so much fun. We streamed (I think we streamed it? I know we recorded it for sure).

I came on the next day, and was given the special permission to have access to the creative (not admin) inventory, because what I had proposed was something that wasn’t going to be a miniature or quickly created entity. If you’ve ever been to any of the things I have created/co-created, you’ll know that nothing I build is ever tiny. By the end of the first week, the base was constructed, and there was so much left to do. In fact, there still IS a lot to do, but that’s where I now need to reach out and ask for helpers.

Before I go on, I really need to shine the light on those who have lent a minute or a year of Minecraft time to helping me create this vision, and see it come to fruition.

To the Server deities who allowed this crazy pixie to run amok on their server and believe in my vision: Serverus and Torimili; The geniuses behind the maps: _Ayana_ ((who also gets mad credit for helping me so many times I’ve lost count, built the rail around the 2nd floor, and gave me more encouragement than I realised I needed when I wanted to pack up and just stop)) and KismetFoxFire;

The admins, who tirelessly copied and pasted and filled and fixed and created things for everyone to someday smile at: Elyntia, GardenSavvy, and dancingn27; and The three I volunteered for the tasks and who rose to the challenge of support, creative input and implementation, and all round awesomeness: Irish_Pippin, and the amazing duo of Elfueygo and Sarindre.

I should thank my cats as well, because I worked well past their dinner, several times during the last two plus months in creating this.

And yes, everything you see here has happened since January 10, 2017. Every map, ever banner, every eye, ever track, every ceiling, every rosebush… it’s fun to watch these people come over to see the build (and help with a new area/fix something/add something) each time, and be flabbergasted at the amount of work put in.

This is a labour of love. It is something that I wanted to give to Some Awesome all along, and I hope this is the start of the desire for others to want to do EPIC builds on NuNu and create new, lasting, fun, amazing memories with old and new friends alike. I give you, your trip down the rabbit hole, into the mind of the clumsypixie, and hope that you want to stay in Wonderland so much, that it becomes a permanent “must do” thing on your Minecraft daily-do’s.

With love,


P.S. I need about 5-10 people who want to work – we have areas on each level that still need to be completed, but can be easily done in survival mode – there are a couple that have some supplies to ensure that the consistency of the level is maintained, but there are four levels that do not have supplies yet. If we find there are a lot of the exact same request, we can probably easily help everyone out.

You get a special participation keepsake as well. And my undying appreciation and thanks.

Now, for the “rules” such as they are: Please don’t destroy what’s there. If you have an idea to fix or change something that is already in place, please message me (Sera Merrin) privately and if we’re not friends on fb, make sure to tag me in a post so I know to check my message requests.

There are six levels: I’ve utilised every single block from 1-256. Trust me; I wish it were more, especially for antennae!!


TOP: singing pansies, possibly Humpty, and other things to fill in the ground area. ***REDSTONE for the trap door***

Dark Forest: mushies, creatures from Alice (since this likely the only Alice build, I’m going to say you can pull from any of the stories – but if possible, try to stick with the Wonderland specific parts, rather than anything that has been altered by say Once Upon A Time television show story line), more trees, and hiding spots – there’s a special reason I’m requesting that particular goodie.

Mad’s Tea Party – THE TEA PARTY – and yes, the floor and ceilings and walls are 100% done and we just need the table and Mad Hatter and fun goodies on the table and around the area.

Flamingo Ice Rink – Two issues I should address here: one, I didn’t want a PVP area that was potentially going to hurt anyone, as we have a special PVP area (remember that awesome build we got to do last year!?) and two, there are as yet no croquet mallets, flamingos, or ways to play croquet or giant chess at the moment. So I figured we could design it like the flamingo area (but with ice and fun blocks instead) and have a snowball fight arena! There are boxes (please don’t remove them) for this level for continuity of blocks used.

Queen’s Level – There’s not much left to do here, but there are a few things. There’s a huge section under the palace that needs to be dealt with, and there are supplies available for that. The Queen, her two guards (a spade and a heart) need to be created as well, but they do not have to match the two that are at the back of the palace. Her throne needs to be constructed inside the palace, and yes, there is limited space, but I think there is more than enough room for a grand throne.

Basement – Faux doors that will give the impression of MORE options and the table and chair with EAT/DRINK/OPEN/TAKE me items.

I hope you like this trip into Wonderland!

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