Villager Mall

We’ve all been there, you’re completely tuned in to a build you’re working on and you run out of supplies. You can either stop to go mine more, or stop by our server market areas to put in a request for what you need. The problem is, more often than not, the player who owns the shop may not be online when you need them, or they themselves need to mine the supplies for your order which can also take time you’d rather spend building. We believe we have found the perfect solution!

Introducing the new Villager Mall!

The Villager Mall is your one stop shop for everything Minecraft! No more tagging players in the group if you need to place an order. Thanks to our recent XP bottling system you simply go to the shop you need and trade with the villager in charge.

The beauty of this project is that it’s still community based. We need you guys to pick the themes and design the shops. You will supply the materials to decorate the store and come up with the price list (although admins will help with that if you are unsure what should be charged). F or doing so the villager will be modeled after you (have your player head), and a payment of one stack of XP bottles (equals approximately 40 levels). Afterwards the shops will be completely self sufficient. You will not be supplying materials, filling orders, or collecting payments. The villager will do it all. This ensures that whenever you need something, the shop owner will be available to supply as much as you need right then!

Shops are filling up fast so get your ideas in! There is a drop box for shop themes located in the basement of the command tower. Drop your idea in the hopper for admin approval while shops are still available. We are not opposed to multiple shops selling the same item if it goes along with their theme, but duplicate items will be priced the same in each shop.

Bottling your XP is easy and the command to do so is located at the service desk in the center of the mall, and posted at various locations within.

There is also a food court available which may help you get that new advancement “A Balanced Diet”. The villagers will no longer be taking cobblestone as we have switched to the new xp system, but if you are looking to get rid of all that extra cobble the Food Truck Villagers are still happy to serve you.

Thank you everyone for all your help making this such a fun build and community project. The shops look great and the idea has been positively received by all. Great team work!


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