Earth Day 2017

Earth Day is our annual reminder to take better care of our planet. Less litter, more awareness! But in Minecraft we don’t think about it because it is after all, a virtual world.

Thanks to our friend Lisa (AmzDeoris), we decided a couple years ago to bring awareness to this world we all love so much! How do we do that? By protecting Mother Minecraft!

From the server restart at midnight April 22 until midnight April 23 you will not be able to break any natural blocks. No wood logs, no stone, no dirt, nor sand. Anything that is generated naturally you will not be able to break. It’s a fun (albeit a bit frustrating) reminder of how easy it is to take nature for granted, and maybe remind us to carry some of that consciousness back to the real world.

You may be asking, “So what will I do all day then? Remember the 3 Rs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

We’ve got the Reduce covered, so let’s work on Reuse. You can still build, break, and destroy crafted blocks so make that new build out of blocks you already have.

Recycle those blocks you don’t want or need anymore by donating them to your team vaults. I know those chests have been looking bare and you’ll need them for team events.

As usual, don’t forget to drop by our holiday area for your holiday souvenirs from Mother Earth, and pick up your holiday collector’s map made by _Ayana_ and KismetFoxfire from our Crazy Map Ladies! Thank you again ladies for a beautiful map!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Plant a tree and show her you care!

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