May the 4th Be With You

Who love Star Wars?! We do! The annual Star Wars day is coming up and of course we have plans! Log on to NuNu for a special Star Wars day.

Stop by the special holiday area and visit R2D2 for your holiday souvenirs…

and pick up our May the 4th holiday collectors map courtesy of _Ayana_ of our Crazy Map Ladies.

Then head over to the Death Star for a a special parkor and drop course!

Keep Inventory will be on for the day so you won’t lose your stuff if you die in the fall, but don’t get used to it, it’s going back to default on the 5th.

Note: feather falling boots not allowed

If you get past the course get your “Star Wars Tee” from an admin to trade to Darth vader for your prize.

If pixel art is more your speed, hop outside and build some Star Wars themed art around the island.

Have a great Star Wars day everyone, and as always, may the force be with you!

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