Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite gamer dads! We’ve got a special holiday area dedicated to you this year!

As a work from home dad Serverus doesn’t get a lot of quiet time. So instead of the the tradition of spending all day with your kids (which he does every day), he enjoys Father’s Day OFF. While I occupy the kids, he gets to enjoy some gaming on his own without the constant nagging from the offspring. With gaming in mind, we’ve decided to create a classic gaming holiday area for you!

Click the button on your way in to the maze to spawn the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They’re guaranteed to drop a very special power pellet if you can catch them before they catch you.

(Luckily for you they are a bit distracted by the villager at first, but he’s safe from their grasp. Once they target you they’ll be after you. And be warned, Keep Inventory is OFF).

Make your way to the mid section of the maze to visit our holiday villager and pick up your collector’s map courtesy of _Ayana_ from our Crazy Map Ladies!
Note: you do not need to spawn the ghosts to get your holiday souvenirs, they just add a bit of adventure and an additional prize. 

In honor of the maze there is an additional Pac Man map…

and so that no dad feels left out, we have the kids drawing for Dad courtesy of clumsypixie.

However you choose to spend Father’s Day we hope it’s a great one!

Your Admin Team


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