Canada Day!

This July 1st marks the sesquicentennial anniversary for us Canadians. 150 years since we became an official country!

Stop by the holiday area to help celebrate with our neighbors in the North! Visit Bob and Doug for some holiday souvenirs.

And visit a local favorite spot, Tim Horton’s for coffee and donuts!

Don’t forget to pick up your holiday collector’s map courtesy of _Ayana_ from our Crazy Map ladies

Wave some Canadian pride with a flag!

Get a view of the area from the top of the famous CN Tower!

For your enjoyment here is an awesome video about Canada: Our journey to 150

The Canada 150 song:

And 25 facts about Canada: May not be appropriate for kids

As an additional treat, clumsypixie has designed a map of Canada and an explanation. You can read that by clicking on the image below:

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