November Steam Run 11/25/17

It’s high past time for another Steam Run don’t ya think? After you’ve stuffed yourself silly for Thanksgiving and then emptied your wallet on Black Friday, we think it would do you good to sit back, relax, and feverishly break blocks looking for chests with free games in them. Right? Good times.

Steam Run January 2017

Once again, we have slated over 60 games to find in a custom built zone (no wandering out of the prize area inadvertently anymore) as well as our standard loot: elytra, shulker boxes, power tools and the rest of the good stuff. Maybe this year I’ll actually note down the coords so I can have a definitive answer for you as to whether all the games have been found. 😉 And for the first time, we’ll be having this little picnic on Nunu.

We’ll be using this opportunity (since the Steam Run is a popular event) to make a couple of major announcements as well, so if you want to know what the future of Some Awesome has in store for it, be in the Discord voice channel when we play (or at least be watching on Twitch since we’ll be streaming it too).

We’ll be starting at 7pm EST as this seems like a good enough time for everyone to join, from the west coast to our UK people and everyone in between. If you’re on at that time, be prepared to participate, since we’ll be teleporting everyone on the server in one fell swoop (no need for a meeting place) right before the start.

If you have any questions, feel free to throw them in the thread where we post the link to this article.

See you guys soon!

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