Christmas 2017!

The costumes are put away and the turkey has been eaten so that means it’s time for one of our favorite holidays on the server, Christmas! It’s actually time for a lot of winter holidays, and we have treats for all!

Join us on Dec 12th as we light the menorah for the first night of Hanukkah. Remember to get your holiday gift for each day.

Have a blessed Yule on Dec 21st as we celebrate the winter solstice together.

Kwanzaa begins on Dec 26th where we will begin lighting the candles of the kinara in celebration of family and the first harvests.

We’re not even done! Join us in our first snowman building contest! Pick a plot and get creative! Builds will be voted on by fellow players and announced after Christmas.

But the big holiday on the server has always been Christmas and we have a lot going on!

Stop by the fireplace to hang your Christmas stocking. Grab one from one of the command blocks in red or green and name it using the anvils provided. Using an item frame hang them up around the fireplace and on Christmas day you will be able to trade your stocking in for a special wish item which could be anything including an extra backpack row, a set of command blocks, or a set of power tools.

Don’t forget to stop by and have your picture taken with Santa!

Be sure to sign up for Secret Santa! Drop your name into the hopper and receive an entry for another member who you get to spoil with holiday cheer!

While you’re there, take a special trip into Christmas town, a beautiful town full of Christmas spirit! Originally this was a build on Main made by a few players who were in the holiday spirit, but the Minecraft biome update changed their once festive winter wonderland into rainy disappointment. Obviously their spirits were crushed and it never got to live up to it’s potential. We’re happy to say we have recreated it on NuNu and with the help of original creator qkat19 there are even some new additions! Come see Santa’s workshop, the ice castle, have a snowball fight, and so much more!

Back at the holiday area be sure to visit Santa and his elf for some Christmas goodies, and as with all the holidays this season, don’t forget to pick up your special edition holiday maps and banners!

It’s a good time of year to let you all know how much we love and appreciate you and all you do for the server. From your beautiful builds, to your friendly greetings, and neighborly attitudes, it is always a pleasure seeing you on and knowing all the wonderful friendships that have been made here. Happy holidays everyone!

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