What To Expect For The Aquatic Update Release

With the Aquatic Update coming quite soon (they’re on pre-release 3 at this point), there is understandably a lot of anticipation towards applying it immediately to the server once it drops. For the last 4 or 5 major updates, our server framework has had the update ready to go almost right away, but that may not be the case this time since this particular update is so incredibly game-changing. So let’s run through the usual process so you know what to expect.

1. The server will be down for a bit

In order to properly test the effects and compatibility of the world and plugins against the release itself, we will have to take the server offline for the public. You will see that it is up, but you won’t be able to access it. This could be for just a few hours, or it could be for an entire day or (in the worst cases) even longer. Hopefully it’s down for as little time as possible though.

2. Some plugins may not initially have compatibility

We run Nunu with about 7 plugins that are fairly essential to how our world operates, and a handful of others that are cosmetic or admin-focused. While I’m not terribly concerned about the latter, the critical plugins (like WorldGuard) may not have compatibility right out of the gate. This means that if you currently have any properties that are world guarded, this protection might be down until compatibility is brought up to speed.

WorldGuard is a major plugin, so typically it will be updated in short order, but other plugins like backpacks, bottled XP and power tools may not be where they need to be, or they may have pseudo-compatibility because they haven’t been updated for even previous versions. It’s hard to tell until we get on there and try things out. If an outdated plugin is causing game-breaking behavior, we have to decide to either remove it or wait for the plugin update to update the server itself. We usually lean toward removing the plugin.

3. A command block will be set up to new chunks

Since the update only affects new chunks for the most part, we will set up a command block that will bring you out to a safe location (there will be a building) where you can voyage out from to find a new home. As per usual, many of you will want to stake a claim right away but please be courteous to other people and check if someone is already nearby, and try not to take up too much land if it is close to the arrival command block.

You will get one free CB pair move (per player) from your previous house if you choose to do so. Otherwise, like normal, you can use birthday books and holiday gifts to request a new pair of CBs if you have said asset available.

4. A second, special command block will be set up

Tonya and I have decided that we are going to really “rough it” with our Married Minecraft series after this update. We welcome you to come with us, but there is a catch.

For starters, the CB we set up for this will be a one-way trip. There will be no CB to return you to civilization. And it will be far enough out that getting back will be quite the challenge.

More importantly, the trip will erase everything in your inventory. That includes your enderchest, backpack, and even your XP. It’s basically like starting over on a new server, but you’ll still be on Nunu. So if this sounds endearing to you, let us know and we’ll put you on the list to come with us.


Make no mistake, we are very excited about this update. It is easily the largest update in quite some time, and we are looking forward to really “diving deep” into it. OK I’m so sorry for that joke, but it had to be made.

If you have any questions or comments, you can put them below or post to the thread in the Facebook group where I’ll be putting this article up. Thanks and get ready for wet and wild times ahead!



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